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Monday, July 31, 2006


I'm glad Blogathon 2006 is over...

Don't get me wrong I had a lot of fun. I met some great people. I ate a CRAPLOAD of food, and raised some money for my charity. Actually staying up for 24 hours was NOT the hard part. I admit I was not prepared. I guess I thought it would be easier to come up with something that people would want to read every 30 minutes. It seemed like JUST when I would get one posted about all I had time to do was re-fuel, stand up and stretch, and then sit back down and come up with the next one. My idea of having a party was a bad one too. I mean I don't mind having all of my most annoying friends over, but when they are all drunk and having fun, and I wasn't...That just made me punch everyone in the face. OH and could they have left me with a bigger mess to clean up the next day? WTF?

I guess people think I am a maid or something cause YEAH...HI...I just stayed up 24 hours posting random crap every 30 minutes, my feet are still swollen, I have to work tomorrow...and NOW I have to get up and not just clean house and do laundry...but Clean up the gross kitchen, take out the trash...Oh ya know stuff that COULD have been done as the mess was being made...I'm just SAYING...

Let's just say I am REALLY glad to be at work today. Back to normal. My Starbucks triple mocha, my comfy chair, my clean office, and It's not a million degrees here today.

Life is good.

You can still donate to The American Cancer Society and sponsor me for the next day or click here if you missed out on Blogathon.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

That's ALL Folks!

Ok I did it...I stayed up for 24 hours! I posted 48 posts for blogathon 2006, with a few guest posters, and a LOT of cheerleaders. All for The American Cancer Society!
We raised $86.00.
I think I could have done better...but it's GREAT! Every little bit helps!

I could NOT have done this alone. so a few very special thank yous go out on this last post...

Franky: OK I have to Thank YOU the most. You stayed with me for 20 straight hours, chatting, and camming, and cheering me on. Thanks so much cutie! Next! xoxoxox

Monty: Um It's SO ON....coleslaw wrestlemania baby! rock...and I love ya!

Jeckles: Get INTO my stable! Thanks for all the comedy tonight on Mango Radio.

Webkittyn: Thanks so much for all the pimping in Mango Radio Chat room. Your songs were the best!

Utopia: I know you hate people...but you are so funny...Thanks for getting me through 3 hours! YOU ARE GREAT!

Serge: Last but not least...I think the best monitor in the business! Was ALWAYS there, through the entire damn thing!

For all the posters, sponsors and people it took to make this blogathon fun for me...Thank YOU!

47 SO CLOSE....

Random Random Random

I got more...sure I do....

I sleap in a nightgown....usually satin

I have always got cold feet in the winter

I REALLY Like the TV show Family Guy!

I really want this blog to end. I really want to be alseep....


OMG....only a couple more to go. I can do this. Jen is staying up with me, and I have a couple of cheerleaders staying up with me even though they aren't yeah BIG hugs to those of you who have been with me through all of this!

OK so more chewy random...

I have a mole on my leg

I LOVE taters

I like to go dancing

I don't really like spiders, and really wish they would all make webs somewhere ELSE!

I want a stable of ponies

I like cole slaw

Some day I will get married again

45....Le Pooped Out!

OK I am so cranky...and tired and my feet look like giant balloons with toes! Seriously...they hurt!

I have no more I shall just blog random lists of things about me that you never really wanted to know but MUST know, because I would be a big o pussy if I posted one

I have never ran with scissors

I once got my office paintballed with pink paint by some thugs across the streat

I do NOT have a tatto

I do have a piercing

I like wine tasting

I drive a white Nissan Sentra

I LOVE Everquest

I am a big giant nerd/geek

I wear glasses...but don't have them on at the moment.

I have a hamster named Scoopi (The clown).


OK so more randomly goodness....

Jen wears hot pink panties that look a LOT like her twat(according to her).

I have been talking to Franky for like 18 hours now. Is this like some common-blog marriage now?

I am a singer and my favorite song to sing is not Heartbreaker (even though it's one of my best songs)

My favorite song to sing is Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered.

My daughter will NOT go to bed....

I loved Mario Brothers The video game...the original.

I wear hats a lot...cause I like them.

My hair will NOT be the same color next month.

When I was little I liked to dance naked and I always wanted to be a stripper. Maybe it was because my parents LOVED that song "The Stripper" while I was growing up?

My nose itches!


OK MY feet are time for a guest blogger (MY Roomate) and she promised to write more than one line!

Yay!!! Finally my dream has come true! I get to be a guest blogger on the Ice Palace. Oh, whatever shall I write? Hmmm... let me see 5 facts about Debi aka the Ice Princezz:
1. Debi is, in fact, a bitch, hence the moniker.
2. Debi is a bi-pickle AND olive.
3. She likes a circumcised penis.
4. She stalks because she cares.
5. She does NOT wear panties.

Ok, now that she's going to KILL me, I guess I'll hand it back over to her!


EDIT: OK so I think maybe we should cole slaw wrestle...Monty, Jeckles and I What do you think? KNOW I love you...we can share right?

OK Monty over at The Daily bitch is about to lose one of her "ponies"
I am about to ride him right off into the sunset!

OK Jeckles is sooooo not liking my one line posts...and I know they suck. They suck so bad it's unfreakenbelievable. However...I can't even funtion at like 2:30 in the morning.

I guess I could go on and on and on about how much I like sock monkies, and karaoke.

I once had a boyfriend pretend to leave the country to break up with me...maybe I shouldn't have told you that huh!?

I really really like my job, and blogging, (even though it's a massive waste of time).

I really like it when butterflies land on the noses of small children in spring!

When I grow up I want to be an astronaut so I can drink Tang! That''s some yummy goodness in a glass right there!

I once played an indian in a school play...but I guess it's Native American now...cause that was like 30 years ago!

My favorite color is pink. I sometimes dress rockabilly..and then sometimes just lazy.

OK so I am tierd.....Jeckles SUCK it and Deal! LOL



OK This is post number 41!.....

I GOT Nothing....

The next person to sponsor my blog with get a $5.00 donation to their charity!
Come ON! DO IT!


Fourty, Four TEE, FORdee! Kill me...they rhyme!

Is it almost over?

Is It almost quittin time?



You think Starbucks is open yet?


So I have officially hit the wall.
I REALLY feel like a Jump-rope-a-thon would seriously NOT be a good idea right now!

I kind feel like if it weren't for a couple of good friends here in Blogger-World. I would have pooped out by now.

So a HUGE Thanks to:
Franky, Monty, Jeckles, Webkittyn, Utopia, and my Monitor Serge.

OK Maybe I need another shower!

38...OMG OMG This hurts!

OK so Monty wanted to know if I meant BIG ass hair or big ASS hair in one of my other posts....and yes I meant BIG-ass hair....but it's funny thinking ass hair...

If you are not listening to Jeckles over on Mango Radio...then do it cause he is funny as hell! And FU Jeckles sitting here for 17 hours is boring is YES I am tired...but THANK GOD you are on now! YAY!

I wanna have a Jump-Rope-A-Thon!

37 - The Guess Juana's middle name game

Ok her middle initial is M... everybody take a stab. We've already established that it's not Maria, Mary, or Mumplestiltskin.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

36 web cams can be so much fun!


Jen likes uncut men I hear! "A little extra tickle" she says

Comment your answers!
Question: Are you more attracted to people whose personalities are similar to yours or very different?

Come see me on yahoo if you wanna party with the cool kids!

who cares?

drunk blogging is awesome! debi is eating so see ya next blog


OK I gave up on the cam thing...cause yeah....I'm an idiot!

The pizza guy is FREAKIN LOST!

This music Jen is listening too sucks balls!



Pizza is on the way...

I am still fighting with blogger!

My eyes are starting to hurt!


32!!!!!!! IS IT OVER YET!?

OK so Franky over at um...shit I dunnno what his blog name is anymore...inspired me to put my cam up...but I have no idea WHAT THE CRAP I am doing...and NO ONE will help me!
(looks at all the people here who have NOT been blogging for 16 hours!)

So Let's talk about Ass hair----Jen started this topic

Do you shave it, or not?

CAM CAM CAM...magically work ok?


Juana has Big ASS Hair!

Jen is cranky and won't drink! (peer pressure)

I am loooooopy as crap!

KIll me now....Monty, Jeckles, are we all doing so far? STAY AWAKE!

Ok I am blogging for cancer...wanna sponsor me? Kewl.....go over there k?--->

30 BABY!

It's yummy!

OK So I went outside. I came back and there was a cocktail on the desk for me.
(and one for Monty too!)
I believe Juana's exact words were..
"Holy Shit You have a half gallon of Stoli in your cubbard!"
Then she made me a drink
Rut Ro Shaggy!

My daughter just asked Jen to braid her hair tonight...and all I heard was
"Yes Lisa, I will braid your hair, but you don't have to dance with me when you ask me...OK?"

W T F?!

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