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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

So There I was Sitting In My Livingroom...

...and I was wondering why exactly I took 7 days off of work to do absolutely nothing.

Seriously, there was no reason to take a vacation. I mean I planned this great vacation, complete with great guy. Unfortunately, the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Or in my case when I make plans with men who are really mice, they always go wrong. That's OK. I won't make that mistake again. Next year I am going to go on vacation alone, or take one of my girlfriends. Or maybe just not take a vacation... or maybe take a vacation to a place where I can meet a great guy, and never see him again. In any event SG will not be there.

So I guess this closes the chapter on SG. It was a lovely romantic fantasy, but when reality set in he decided he was better off living in his fantasy world where the only thing he has to do is go to work, ride his motorcycle and play with his dog. I wish him much luck in keeping that dream alive. I really do, but sadly I need more than a man who has an aversion to wearing shirts, and has an unnatural affection for his dog.



At 3:23 AM , Blogger Queenie said...

Maybe you should write a book about a guy that loves his dog a bit "too" much. It might help you feel better. :) If nothing would be some good laughs.
Glad to see that you posted again. I miss ya.

At 4:42 PM , Blogger Mark said...

Jeez girl...shoulda done a radio show then!
Sorry SG didn't work out....sounds like he was too immature for you anyway.....oh and maybe a bit of a moron- for choosing to spend time with a dog....over time with a woman.....I'm just sayin'.....


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