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Sunday, July 29, 2007

I think this is 49... Don't know why

So I just started crying because I am so happy that I am almost done, I have NO CLUE why there are more than 48 blog posts, honestly I don't care why either. My body is aching, I am freezing, I am hungry, thirsty, I am starting to zone out, I want to curl up into a little ball now but 1 more post to go. I think... OH I DON'T KNOW!

Who cares, what matters is that at 6am I am done and going to walk over to the couch and sleep, not even going to attempt the stairs. Nuh uh. Couch. Me. Sleep. Right now though water sounds great. I must find something to drink my mouth feels like cement.

Mom, I know you will be reading this and it is 4:38am and I hope you are having the best FREAKIN sleep of your life.

The lack of sleep is starting to catch up with me. I keep hitting my funny bone (which isn't very funny)

OK, I am becoming worn out beyond all measure. I can still type pretty good which is what is important with this whole project. Earlier I tried to walk away wearing headphones that were still attached to the computer. Didn't work out so well.

I have to tell you my SUPER sad story:

Remember how I said I needed something to drink well I went over to the bucket-o-drinks and looked for water and there was one more water left. So excited! I reach in and can feel the cold ice water surrounding it, by this point I actually have a smile from ear to ear and that is a lot considering how tired I am...anyways, I go to lift it out and it is 3/4 of the way gone. I was heartbroken. I cried on the inside. Who does that?! I bet it was the Thugs; they hate me. Sad day. What makes it even worse, I went to sit back at the computer then got back up and did it again. I suck.
No, what sucks is the fact that it is stupid o'clock in the morning. (I have been waiting to use that)

Hmmmmm..... almost time to post!



At 5:51 AM , Blogger Sparky Duck said...

you both did great jobs

At 5:53 AM , Blogger Michael said...

God bless you and your mother, Lisa. You both are wonderful for doing this. I am so proud of you for seeing this through. I hope you learned a valuable lesson of character. Not too many kids your age would be able to do this anymore.

I will try and stay in touch.


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