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Sunday, July 29, 2007

1,000,000,007.. or so it seems.

Well bloggers,

This is it. This is the end. I am kinda sad, but so very excited to sleep. I have accomplished something and done it for a good cause. YES!

I hope that all of you out there had a great time and will have many memories that you can carry onto next year blog-a-thon. Maybe its like wine, it gets better with age. If that makes sense. I am kinda incoherent.

I want to leave you with something that all of you will read and now that this project is worth it.

I will tell you a story:

I didn't know my grandfather as much as I know, say my grandmother. I know him mainly from the stories. My mom from what I see thinks the world of him. My grandmother hears the song, The Dance by Garth Brooks and can't fight back the tears. I have never seen my grandmother cry, that means this man was something special. My mom told me the other day that my grandfather would be proud of me, because I live my life like everyday is my last, from what I understand my grandfather told my mom to do that before he died. I guess this is my way of saying thanks. I don't really know what to say thank you for but, I do know that my grandfather was an amazing man. I can't honestly say that I don't know this from personal expierence, because I don't. I know this by looking at what was left here. My mom and grandmother talk about him and there is a sparkle in their eye. I only see that when my mom talks about Lemax =). People that my grandmother know will talk to me and mention them and all the wonderful and amazing things and stories flow out. I don't know how this money, that we helped raise, will be put to use, but my greatest desire is that in some way, that it helps another girl know her grandfather. In that case then staying up till 6am is all worth it.

Have a great rest of your night or day!

Remember to hug your loved ones today and God bless you all!!


Philippians 4:4
" Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice!"


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