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Sunday, August 17, 2008


Well as you can see there are some changes around here. Yes, my groovy template is gone forever. I miss it, but this gives me a chance to get a new one made, and update things around here a bit. Think of it as spring cleaning... only in the summer.

The radio station is still up and running, and I am even adding a couple of new DJ's. I am also thinking about doing another show. I did a show the other night, just a sound check to make sure my settings still work (and they really don't work the way that I want- but I will make due)and did a little quikie show. It was fun, and I realized how much I miss it! Monty (or star DJ) has maxed out our server. We can't hold any more listeners without upgrading our server, so we are working our way towards that. We are only $45.00 away! Click here if you would like to donate!

I have a new roomie. He's been one of my best friends for years, and we lived together once before, and he just recently moved back to the area, and is staying with me. He's an executive chef, so I think it's a match made in Heaven, since you know.. I like to eat and stuff. I mean how can you beat having Fillet Mignon for breakfast? For those of you who are wondering if we are dating, um no he's gay.

Monty got me on Twitter, so now you can stalk me on there too! Please add me, I feel so twitterless!

OK so there I posted, I know it's not funny, or fabulous... but I'll back in to my groove soon. I missed you bloggers!

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At 3:47 PM , Blogger aka_Monty said...

HOOORAY!!!!! I really want you to start doing your show again - it is THE AWESOME! :)

At 4:45 PM , Blogger Queenie said... it really you? Holy Crap girl I have missed ya. Glad to see ya back in blogland and to read that you may be back in radioland as well.


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