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Saturday, July 29, 2006

32!!!!!!! IS IT OVER YET!?

OK so Franky over at um...shit I dunnno what his blog name is anymore...inspired me to put my cam up...but I have no idea WHAT THE CRAP I am doing...and NO ONE will help me!
(looks at all the people here who have NOT been blogging for 16 hours!)

So Let's talk about Ass hair----Jen started this topic

Do you shave it, or not?

CAM CAM CAM...magically work ok?


At 11:45 PM , Blogger aka_monty said...

My babies' daddy had ass hair...he was hairy all over. It's sort of gross thinking about it now...but back then he was all buff & it didn't matter.

Now, ew.

My poor daughter inherited that gene from her dad...her legs are positively FURRY. God Bless the makers of VEET. :)

If I could think clearly, I would help you with your webcam.
But I can't.


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