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Saturday, July 29, 2006


Total pledges:$86.00

YAY ME! I have snacks!
I am not drunk, nor am I naked(Much to Franky's dismay I am sure). However there are some tomatoes roasting in the oven for something Jen is making when she gets off work. I THINK she mentioned I need to take those out, but I forgot when she said.
My crazy friend Juana should be over soon too...and then the wild crazy party will begin. No we will not be speaking french. I think my monitor fell asleep!
I haven't had Serge win anything from me for hours!

Go listen to Utopia...
she swears like a pirate, wants a cat with wings, but she is playing SWING music for us at
Mango radio! Oh yeah and she is funny as hell!
You know how I LOVE swing music! Tune in and listen!!!

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