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Saturday, July 29, 2006

16...It's The Lisa Show!

Hello Blogger World...

I am taking over for a little bit. I guess I will talk about random things. I don't know what else to say. Like when someone recieves an award and they "didn't prepare a speech" I hate that because if I was even nominated I would write a speech! And don't tell me that you wouldn't because all the normal people would want to.

I was going to wait to tell the blogger world this but I am going to be random and this is a wonderful story. OK, so my friend we will call him "A" he has a pet pig at the fair. He is going to sell it and all that jazz. I was extremely tired one night and high on sugar talking to him about random stuff kinda like now and the Simple Life was the episode where Paris and Nicole are drawing on the farm animals with lipstick. I then came up with the random idea of drawing on the pig with like markers and such. I asked "A" if I could do it and he said yes! Now, for those of you that are reading this in confusion, if someone offered you their pig and a box of markers you wouldn't turn them down. You would color on it and that is exactly what I am doing.

I am VERY excited about it....

I'll talk to you all later... until then... heres some advice,
Eat pasta and color on pigs

** To answer some peoples questions, I was tortured out of bed to let mom go do a coffee run. I only said I would do it because I am a fast typer and I like to rub it in her face.**


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