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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Number Nine! Calling Number NINE!

Heather over at yummysushipajamas just sponsored me!
THANK YOU THANK YOU! You have just won some free crap!
YOU are the best! Really! I love you!
YOU are one of the kewl kids!
Serge I think you are stalking me! (But maybe I like it!)
Gratz you just won 5 more bux for your charity from me for being the first one to get the trivia question correct!
Answer to Blog #8's Trivia Question:
C) Otitis is an inflammation of the ear!

OK I have my sausage, & taters cooking for breakfast. Cause I love me some taters!

Pimp My Blog:
Jono Is rocking over at Insert witty title here for Cancer Research UK. So go over and show some love! Donate some cashola! DO IT! DO IT!

Cancer Fact:

The American Cancer Society predicts that there will be about 9,710 new cases of invasive cervical cancer in the US in 2006. About 3,700 women will die from this disease. Some researchers think that non-invasive cervical cancer is about 4 times as common as the invasive type. When found and treated early, cervical cancer often can be cured.

Sponsor Me:
Clicky Clicky
My Charity is The American Cancer Society in honor of my father who passed away from Cancer in 1990.

~*~ Everyone who donates will be getting a thank-you gift!
~*~ Anyone who donates $5.00 or more will go into a raffle for a chance to win free crap!
~*~ Anyone who donates $50.00 or more will win $20.00 for the charity of their choice!

Random Trivia Question:
The Cassava Vegetable is a source of what?

This one if JUST for Fun!


At 10:27 AM , Blogger aka_monty said...

Can I come over to your house & eat? ;)


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