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Friday, July 28, 2006

Less Than 24 Hours To Go!

Who's ready to Blog?

I know that Monty over at The Daily Bitch, Franky at Snazzy8's,
and webkittyn at Webkittyn's Warbles are ready to get this party started.

Give them some love, sponsor their charity!
but first...

Sponsor me!
(pretty please?)

~*~ Everyone who donates will be getting a thank-you gift!
~*~ Anyone who donates $5.00 or more will go into a raffle for a chance to win free crap!
~*~ Anyone who donates $50.00 or more will win $20.00 for the charity of their choice!
There will be all kinds of games during blogathon that will have their own set of prizes, so come and join the fun!

Today I am pimping out my friend over at...
HeartLaura Lohr:My Beautiful LifeHeart
She is blogging for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
Go donate and help her out and let her know I sent you!


At 10:59 AM , Blogger madbull said...

Ready? Oh hell.
I wished I were. But my, just as usually, busy week plus some more working out, has kept me that busy I even didn't manage it to start collecting all my info hehe.
No template made, my own blog didn't get his new template aso.
Above all it's friday evening, so drink time now!!!

Oh well... we'll manage it :D


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