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Thursday, July 20, 2006


Today My HNT is different....

I lost my father to cancer. So when I started this blogathon project I thought I would be doing this for him. The same day My friend told me he had not only am I doing this for my father, for his memory...but also... for my friend. If monies donated to The American Cancer Society can help someone suffering with one of many devistating cancers then I haven't done all of this in vain. Won't you PLEASE Help?

All you have to do is click on My Half Naked Picture ..take five minutes and ANY amount and donate to a worthy cause!
I need more sponsors! Pledge a DOLLAR! Pledge 10 dollars! Every Pledge gets a chance to go into a drawing for fabulous prizes to be announced this weekend! Come on don't want to miss out on that do ya? You don't need a credit Card to sign up...and you don't have to pay anything until the end of the Blogathon. I don't ever touch any of the money, it all goes directly to my Charity! The American Cancer Society!

We are Down to The Wire.... I need your support! I will be staying up for 24 straight hours! I'm not that young anymore so I will need all the Mountain Dew in the state of California to keep me awake! What do you want to see posted? Random stories? Pictures? Let me hear ya!


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