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Monday, July 24, 2006

How You Found Me Last Week!

Every week I look at my stats to see how you found me. Sometimes it's funny. Then...Sometimes it scares me....

*"Palace On A Cloud"---I've always wanted a palace on a cloud!

* "What to wear to the fair"--- YES! Finally my fair fashion advice has caught on! NO FANNY PACKS!

* "Dance Club Edicate"---I think this person needs "dictionary etiquette".

* "State Palace Caffeine Raided"--- Was everyone hopped up on coffee?

* "Ice Palace German"---NO NO NO! There will NEVER EVER be another German man at The Ice Palace.

Ok now that we have THAT out of the way...Blogathon 2006 is 5 days away! That means I need some sponsors! We are up to $35.00! YAY! Thank you Thank you to the people who have been generous to my charity so far...Let's make it $100.00!

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There are lots of Bloggers out there helping to make a difference too.
Today I am pimping out my friend over at:

The Smarmy Carny!
Blogging for the Make-a-wish-foundation.
Visit during Blogathon for
The Champion of Breakfasts tournament it will be from 6am - 8pm PST.


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