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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Randomness is fun!

OK so NO ONE got me any coffee....You guys suck! I'll get my own...

Cancer Fact:
The American Cancer Society estimates that 61,420 new cases of bladder cancer will be found in the United States during 2006.

The chance of a man having this cancer during his life is about 1 in 28. For women, it is 1 in 88. About 13,060 people will die of the disease. Bladder cancer is more common among men than women and more common among whites than blacks. When found and treated early, as often happens, the chances for survival are very good.

You can help!

Question: Would you rather eat a live spider or a live cricket?
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I'd pick a spider I think....


At 6:52 AM , Blogger madbull said...

i'ld rather play cricket :P
Hell do you think we got spare coffee today?
No way, only two gallons available!

At 6:54 AM , Blogger justdawn said...

DEFINITELY a cricket. (although both are gross!!!)

I have a completely irrational fear of spiders.

At 7:13 AM , Blogger Rickie said...

OMG, Ew. Can I pick neither? Alternately, can they be cooked? I think a properly prepared cricket would be better than a spider, but I think I'd be happy to do without either of them.

At 7:29 AM , Blogger purplefishy said...

Dude, I hear you on the waking up this goddamn early. And I was hoping to make a store run for some fruit and yumminess, but I don't think i'll make it back. I might end up blogging from my mobile phone.


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