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Saturday, July 29, 2006

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OK Monty, yes I am one of those people who have a clean house
(at least downstairs)
I'll tell you why. My mother is a clean freak! She has turned me into a clean freak...although...I am not as bad as she is.
So room mate and my children MUST clean up after themselves or I will freak out and scream a LOT! you know.

Pimp My Blog:
Monty Over at The Daily Bitch is Blogging for United Cerebral Palsy. She hates me because I am one of those friends who has a clean house. So go over show some love, donate some cash for her charity and tell them I sent ya ok? YAY! YOU are one of the cool know that right?

Cancer Fact:
The American Cancer Society predicts that there will be about 38,890 new cases of kidney cancer in the year 2006 in this country. About 12,840 people will die from this disease. These numbers include both adults and children. Most people with this cancer are older. It is very uncommon among people under age 45.

Sponsor Me:
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My Charity is The American Cancer Society in honor of my father who passed away from Cancer in 1990.

Random Trivia Question:
(The Winner of this one will get to be featured on my next "Pimp My Blog")
What was the title of Alfred Hitchock's last film?


At 11:55 AM , Blogger Serge Norguard said...

family plot [1976] a sound film


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