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Monday, July 31, 2006


I'm glad Blogathon 2006 is over...

Don't get me wrong I had a lot of fun. I met some great people. I ate a CRAPLOAD of food, and raised some money for my charity. Actually staying up for 24 hours was NOT the hard part. I admit I was not prepared. I guess I thought it would be easier to come up with something that people would want to read every 30 minutes. It seemed like JUST when I would get one posted about all I had time to do was re-fuel, stand up and stretch, and then sit back down and come up with the next one. My idea of having a party was a bad one too. I mean I don't mind having all of my most annoying friends over, but when they are all drunk and having fun, and I wasn't...That just made me punch everyone in the face. OH and could they have left me with a bigger mess to clean up the next day? WTF?

I guess people think I am a maid or something cause YEAH...HI...I just stayed up 24 hours posting random crap every 30 minutes, my feet are still swollen, I have to work tomorrow...and NOW I have to get up and not just clean house and do laundry...but Clean up the gross kitchen, take out the trash...Oh ya know stuff that COULD have been done as the mess was being made...I'm just SAYING...

Let's just say I am REALLY glad to be at work today. Back to normal. My Starbucks triple mocha, my comfy chair, my clean office, and It's not a million degrees here today.

Life is good.

You can still donate to The American Cancer Society and sponsor me for the next day or click here if you missed out on Blogathon.


At 5:48 PM , Blogger jcklsgk said...

Holy shit.

You had a party during the blogathon?

Are you nuts?


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