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Monday, January 30, 2006

I like Even Numbers...and Cake

I stole this from Bored at The Beach. A Little bit more about Me!

Four Jobs I have had:

1) Quality Assurance for a Call Center
2) Operations manager for a moving company
3) Manager of an Italian food joint.
4) Owned my own Rubber Stamp Business

Four Movies I could watch over and over:

1) The Princess Bride
2) Casablanca
3) Sleepless in Seattle
4) Sixteen Candles

Four Places I have lived:

1) Atascadero, Ca
2) La Mesa, Ca
3) Fresno, Ca
4) Cincinatti, OH

Four TV shows I love to watch:

1) Family Guy
2) Cops
3) Do The Bounty Hunter
4) Inked

Four places I have been on vacation:

1) Graceland
2) Mount Rushmore
3) Deadwood
4) Mississippi Gulf Coast

Four blogs I visit daily: (even though I don't have time to comment much)

1) Bored At The Beach
2) I am, therefore I date
3) Satirical Veracity
4) Love and Marriage

Four favorite foods:

1) Anything Spicy!
2) Pasta
3) Shrimp
4) Anything Chocolate

Four Places I would Rather Be:

1) Singing for a crowd
2) Shopping
3) At home in Bed
4) At the beach

Four Vehicles I have owned:

1996 Nissan Sentra
1978 Buick LaSabre
1988 Ford Escort
1990 Ford Tempo

Four Bands/Musical Artists I Love:

1) Kelly Clarkson
2) Evenescence
3) Heart
4) Wild Hare

Four People (non-family) that I can always depend on:

1) Tisha
2) Jenne
3) Jen
4) Scoopy

Four Favorite Restaurants:

1) Papa Tommy's
2) A.J. Spurs
3) Steamers
4) Sushi(there are several places I LOVE)

Four Things I Love About Spring:

2) Everything is new and fresh
3) Easter
4) The Weather

Four Things I Love About Summer:

1) Sunsets at 9pm
2) Cute clothes
3) Outdoor parties/bbq's
4) Swimming

Four Things I Love About Autumn:

1) Leaves
2) Football starts
3) The air is crisp
4) Kids go awayto school!

Four Things I Love About Winter:

1) Snuggling when it's cold
2) Cooking
3) Christmas
4) Playing in The Snow

Friday, January 27, 2006

I Don't ThinkYou Are As Funny As You Think You Are...

What are friends for?

It was freak night in Karaoke land. Jen had talked me into going out last night for a fun filled evening of drinks, boys with mohawks, and bad karaoke(ourselves excluded of course). I was sporting my best copper shoes and handbag. I had lots of make-up on I smelled good, and I had taken my "crack" otherwise known as "TrimSpa". I was ready to rumble.

We knew the night was going to go bad when the first singer approached the dance floor, and there waiting for her was a poorly dressed, mulletclad man/girl. Man/girl decided to do her meth and come visit us in karaoke land. It seemed like a really good idea to her, however we were not happy about it. She lingered in front of the first singer's face while doing something that may have been dancing in some third world country. he would rock back and forth with her/his hands in his/her front pockets while smiling like a lost puppy. His/her lack of teeth made this especially pretty. When it was Jen's turn to sing I knew that man/girl would try the same thing with her. I warned her though, cause I am a good friend like that you know.

Debi: That freaky person is going to get all up on you. I am going to laugh.

Jen B: I am gonna knock her out if she does.

Debi: Her?

Jen B.: Well whatever it is!

Friday, January 20, 2006

My Limes Keep Falling Out Of My Chicken

Conversations with CG are always interesting, sometimes funny, sometimes they make my head hurt. This is one of those times.

CG: I am making Chicken for Dinner.

Debi: UH huh, what kind of chicken?

CG: Lemon Pepper Chicken, on my rotisserie .

Debi: Sounds good.

CG: You don't like rotisserie chicken do you?

(Um didn't I JUST say that sounds good?)

Debi: Why would you say that? I have never told you that I don't like rotisserie chicken. Chicken is Chicken. I like all chicken.

CG: Oh well I just thought you didn't. You think lime would be good on it?

Debi: Yes. Lime is good on everything.

CG: Maybe I'll try that.
Debi: Good Plan.

CG: The limes keep falling out of the chicken's butt.

Debi: uh...What?!
(why is he stuffing the chicken's butt???)

CG: HEY! One made two rotations, but the other one keeps rolling out.

Debi: Um...Ok well I should get back to work.

CG: What? No! Ok why won't this lime stay in the chicken?

Debi: You know after like, the tenth time it rolled out I would have thrown it across the room and given up.

CG: I see.
(Whenever CG says "I see." It means he is not listening. That to me meant he is STILL trying to stuff said lime in said Chicken's hiney....Still unknown WHY)

Debi: So Um I will call you when I get home.

CG: OK. #@$*('ing LIME!

Debi: Yeah well you know I am gonna BLOG about this.

CG: Ok Bye.

Debi: OK Yeah um bye.

I talked to CG later that night. I don't know if he ever got that lime in there or not. He started talking about the thin skin around a chicken's butt, and I just changed the subject. There was a blinding pain behind my left eye.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

I Have To Learn German...

The thing about CG is he's Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful....Except for this one tiny little thing. He's German!

Now before all of you Germans out there start sending me hate mail (even though it would provide entertainment for me) DON'T! You see when I met him I knew that he was German. I have even known for quite a while that he had duel citizenship. No biggie. It's not like he eats sausage and kraut all day, and has an accent. He was born there, that's it....doesn't even speak Deutsche! SEE That was me being clever...GO WITH IT!

So it's not like he has a phobia of screwdrivers, drives on the wrong side of the road, and thinks Hitler was groovy. (Well he might-but that has nothing to do with him being German) His parents, and brother all live here so how could I know it was going to lead to me wishing Germany was suddenly IN California? CG called me Monday night(in the middle of my sleep cycle of course) to tell me that he had received some bad news, but he couldn't talk about it while he was driving the train.(I'm not sure why not it' not like he does anything but run over hobos and honk the horn thingy) So I wait and wait for him to call me back. In the interim I can't sleep because I am of course thinking the worst.

1. He met someone he likes better than me--How is this possible? Does he know WHO I am?

2. He is Gay.

3. He decided to host an all Brad Pitt marathon next weekend and I am invited.

4. He lost his foot in a tragic rail accident involving a hobo, a car load of farm workers, and a midget.

So when he finally calls me-three hours later-Grumble Grumble....I am relieved to find out that he has not lost a foot. However it is bad news. His grandfather is gravely ill. This same grandfather lives in...Yes that's right people say it with me...GERMANY! He also informed me that he would be going to Germany for the next two weeks. Now I completely understand his having to leave, and was ready and willing to help him pack his panties if need be....but the story has a twist.

*Doesn't it always with me?*

His grandfather wants to leave him the family hops farming business. Oh...yes, of course the family business isn't in California, it's in G E R M A N Y! It might as well be on the moon to me! I don't mind a long distance thing but if it requires a passport to see my boyfriend(pseudo or not) it's just not gonna work for me. I mean I like him a lot. I really do. but I just couldn't live in a chalet in the Alps with those little green shutters. You can't even drink the water! Beisdes I might run into Brewman, and that would just be baaaad. He hasn't made the decision to move there or not yet so I have compiled a helpful list of why he should NOT go.

1. He would miss me, a lot, and that would be sad.

2. He doesn't speak Deutsche. (That's German for you non German speaking folks)

3. The only thing he knows about growing hops is, he likes beer. (chilled)

4. His cousin, who has been running the business since he was a wee German sprout, would become resentfully bump him off and throw his langenhausen clad body in The Rhine river. It would be a mess, a MESS I tell you.

5. He would miss me...Did I say that?

6. It's cold there.

7. He would have to learn how to go days without a shower to fit in with the natives. (He's a Germaphobe)

8. They don't show the movie "TR*Y" In Germany.

9. He wouldn't be able to live without me.

10. And most importantly...He would miss his daughter. Yeah I meant his daughter. I did, stop it!

So He leaves tomorrow for Deutschland. Home of der wienerschnitzel, Gummy Bears, and men with funny names. I only had one request, bring me a kraut dog. He then informed me that Wienerschnitzel wasn't German...Next thing you know he will be telling me German Potato Salad isn't German either!

So...I may miss him just a smidge...I may not even notice that he's gone come to think of it.

Dammit he better at least bring me something.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Is This A Date?

Last night I invited Cg to hang out with the "Karaoke Posse". After batting my eyelashes and much bribery he finally agreed to go with me, and he even offered to drive. Now CG and I are not fans of the same music. I prefer evenescence and Anastasia, and he prefers Mudvayne and System of something loud and screamy. So I knew that if he drove I would be tortured with his choice. I joked with Diva before I left that he would probably play some Mudvayne, and I wasn't in the strawberry-mobile(His truck ALAWYS smels like strawberries) 5 minutes before he was digging for that CD. Aside from his lack of musical taste we had a very nice ride to the bar. I was intoxicated by the smell of his cologne, and the fact that he had recently removed his "Ode to Farva A la Super Troopers" moustache. He claims he didn't do it because of my urging, but I know he did.

Once we were at the bar everyone was very friendly with CG, even though he's an outsider, AND he doesn't sing. I wasn't sure how CG would get along with my friends, but since "This wasn't a date" everything just seemed to flow very smoothly. I was worried.

Things were going too well! I mean First of all he agreed to not only go with me, but take off from work, and get yelled at by his new boss in the process. Then we went in the same vehicle. (Cg is the ANTI-Dater. He doesn't get mushy or sappy, or share his feelings. He's not into titles or commitment, or anything that might even give off the impression that he were on a date.) I hadn't even thought about this little outing as "A Date", until Jen B. said something about it when we arrived at karaoke together. I realize his schedule doesn't allow much time for conventional dating, and that may have a lot to do with why we haven't had a real date. I mean....well I HOPE that is the reason. Dammit I think too much.

The rest of the night went just as great. CG even seemed to be having fun. He didn't pick on me, or talk about himself all night. He didn't mention a train even once!

It's odd to think that the epiphany moment in ones relationship would happen in a karaoke bar, but it did. Just like that BAM! I look up and I see this chick singing. She has a cute shape, thin, with a bubble butt, but tragically BAD hair....but I digress. I mentioned to Jen B. That's the kind of girl CG looks at, and he over heard me. Now let me make something clear here. CG has never in any way ever said I was ugly, or fat, or anything negative, EVER. So what was bothering me about this situation? Now if we were just pals hanging out that would be one thing, but we aren't. We have been playing this "game" for nearly 7 months now. He calls me, spends time with me, and when tortured, admitted that he likes me(as more than just a friend) I mean if he was just not one to give compliemtns very easily than I can understand but he comments VERY positively on everyone BUT me. I don't need him to fly over my house with a banner telling me how fabulous I am... although that would rock...
That's when we had the conversation....

CG: You think that's the kind of girl I want?

Debi: Well that's the kind of girls you look at, and seem to be attracted to.

CG: And what kind of girl is that?

Debi You only like the thin, bubble butt, tattooed wild child girls.

CG: So, if that is the kind of girl I want, than do you think what I am doing with you is settling?

Debi: ARE you doing something with me?
Random thought at the moment: Because um last I checked I wasn't your girlfriend, and you made that very clear.

CG: I'll ask the questions here. Do you think that I am settling?

Debi: You would have to be doing something, to be settling...ARE you doing something?

CG: You answer first.

Debi: Yes, you have made me feel like that.

CG: wow, ok then.

I looked into his eyes, and he looked genuinely hurt. I wanted to kiss him right then and there. I wanted to shake him and tell him that if I was wrong, SHOW ME, TELL ME....make me feel special, just this once! Instead I just looked away. I guess I did the right thing, because the rest of the night went really well.

We ended up staying MUCH later than we had planned (which means I am writing this all tired and I really just wanna go back to bed RIGHT NOW!) and even visited after we got home. A few amazing kisses later...and I was off to my house to wonder..Was That A Date?

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Only Gingerbread Men are Perfect

I was blog surfing and I came across "A Goofy ass emotional chick & her prerogative". Now as I was reading I read her spot on "The perfect man" and LOVED it. I have to give her credit for the idea. Our idea of the perfect man seemed to be quite a bit similar too, so I have to give her credit there too. Don't miss her blog..................When you are done here of course!

Here is my idea of a perfect man.

* The most important thing on the list of course is that he must be totally single, which means he can not be married, in a relationship or gay.

* He is at least 5'9" tall. I don't have a problem with shorter men, I just don't want to date them!

He must have all of his teeth. I don't mean he has to have lived half of his life in a orthodontists office, but come hillbillies!

* He wears a cologne. There is nothing like your man going home, and your sweater smelling like him.../swoon

* He enjoys laughing and making others around him laugh- especially me. He doesn't take life so seriously all the time that he can't make fun of himself. He can dish it out and take it. He's also clever in his comeback and use of sexual innuendos.

* Having a child from a prior relationship is not a deal breaker. Having a child from a prior relationship that he has no involvement in and does not financially support is. No diapers either!

He must have a clean police record, and never been in prison. He must be intelligent. A college degree isn't a requirement (as I haven't obtained mine yet either). He is someone I can have thought provoking conversations with. I enjoy learning from one another. This involves being able to form complete thoughts and opinions on his own.

He would not use street slang or talk like a complete thug.

* If he drives a truck, it can't be covered in decals like "Git-r-done" or Nascar related ones. If you wanna be all white trashy, that's fine...just not with me.

I prefer a man with hair.... but not a requirement. I have no problems dating a man who is balding and/or bald. No long hair hippie freaks either!

He enjoys cooking, eating out, eating in...Hey just someone who likes to eat is fine with me.

* He likes random road trips and enjoys listening to me sing along with the music playing. He doesn't mind that I change lyrics to fit me or don't know all the words.

I don't care what field of work he is in or even how much he earns. I do require that he actually have a J-O-B.

A man with rock hard abs just isn't hot to me. I like a little meat on my man. (No I am not being a pervert here either) If I'm able to grab it and make his belly button appear to be talking he earns a point in my book.

* He must not be so in touch with his feminine side that questioning his masculinity comes into question. No metro-sexual guys who want to hang out constantly with my gay friends. I do not want a man who dresses better than I do, nor do I want someone who constantly stares at himself in the mirror. I don't want to have to fight for mirror space, only one of us can be vain.

He enjoys the time on the weekends where you wake up together, cuddle, get frisky, cuddle and sleep in a little while longer.

* He is able to share things with me that I might not have experienced without him. Maybe he loves an up and coming band and wants me to join him to check them out. Maybe there is an art exhibit on display we can experience together. Maybe there is some local food festival in town. That kind of stuff.

He enjoys playing with my hair. He lightly touches my skin without even knowing he's doing it. The ones so light it gives you goosebumps. I love it when a man touches me or plays with my hair while we're watching television or something. It just feels good to be loved on.

* He isn't the clingy or jealous type of guy. He is able to trust me when I go out with my girlfriends (
as I will do the same for him while he goes out with his buddies).

* He would make me one of the priorities in his life.
He is someone who accepts me for "me" but expects the best out of me and inspires me to always strive to be a better person.

* He is someone who is there not only in the fun moments but also in the bad moments that happen in life and is supportive when times get hard.

* He doesn't allow things that have hurt him in the past to affect his future and understands that I don't want that either. He also doesn't make unfair comparisons to any of the exs that have scorned him.

* He doesn't smoke.

He is spontaneous and will come up with something to do at the drop of a hat. Or he may surprise me with the little things that make relationships fun (for instance, leaving post-it notes all over as clues to find a surprise waiting, bringing you smoothies at work, calling just to say he misses you.)

What's your idea of a perfect mate?

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Have you missed me?

Ok Ice Palace fans, have you missed my drama? My comedy? My witty ramblings about nothing at all?

*Hears Crickets*

Well...I'm back to blog the new year away in grand Iceprincezz style. Of course I will most likely offend you, make you think, make you laugh, make you wanna choke me for being stupid...OR...all of the above.

I had a busy fall with the new takeover of our moving company. We are now under new ownership. That means things SHOULD run a lot smoother, but since I still have some of the same crew, I gather it won't. Pinball left us last year, and surprisingly our claims went down...hmmm..There's a shock! I probably won't get a raise anytime soon with this new boss, but I still have my job, and I am thankful for that at least.

CG is surprisingly still around. He tries to be all tough guy, bad ass, but I know the truth. He is in fact a nice guy with a maturity problem. I am willing to overlook this however since he is male, and young. Now I truly believed I would push him out a third story window, or he would run me over with his train by now. I have stayed away from train tracks, and he stays away from me and three story buildings. We are in a Non-committal sort of what I call a pseudo relationship. We adore each other, (shut up CG you know you do!) but his schedule is really poopy, and he may have to move. So we decided it would be better if we just kept things the way they are for now. I don't have the "girlfriend" title, even though I might consider wearing that tiara if it were given to me. Until then I will keep you posted because I know you are just on the edge of your seat waiting to hear how this all turns out....Well *I* am anyway.

My family is still weird, but I love them. Jen hasn't been blogging because she is busy too, but maybe some day she will come back. It's sad now that she doesn't have her porn world job to talk about. Maybe the new job will offer us some delightful stories?

Oh! I almost forgot... Jen and I made new friends the summer. Josh & Brian. Theses two scare me, but in a good way. John is a poorly dressed punk rock type guy with a blue Mohawk. Brian is better dressed but thin as a dime, and very veigny(ask Jen). They sing karaoke at almost every venue in the county, so we see them quite often. Well, Jen and I being the Divas that we are decided since they could sing, and people seemed to LOVE them, they would have to join the kewl table! They have been our side-kicks ever since. They prove to provide interesting stories this year too!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

What are your new years resolutions? To lose weight? To quit smoking, or drinking?

Why don't we set more important ones? Donate more money to charity. Help someone in need at least once a week. Volunteer your time more this year. How about taking the time to just tell one person a day that they are pretty great.

If every person in the world did something to improve someone ELSES life, think of what a different world this would be? There would be less hate, and more love. Less anger, and depresion, and more smiles.

I got to know someone last year, and blessed that person over and over and over when they needed it. I didn't ask for anything in return except a heartfelt thank you. This person ended up hurting my feelings rather deeply, for no other reason except they were selfish. The point is, I would do it all over again...I'm not going to stop being a good and loving person just because they aren't capable anymore. I'll just keep giving to those who need it, and loving those who need it most, even when they don't deserve it. Make a difference in someone's life this year.

I hope you and your family has a safe and Happy New Year!