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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Only Gingerbread Men are Perfect

I was blog surfing and I came across "A Goofy ass emotional chick & her prerogative". Now as I was reading I read her spot on "The perfect man" and LOVED it. I have to give her credit for the idea. Our idea of the perfect man seemed to be quite a bit similar too, so I have to give her credit there too. Don't miss her blog..................When you are done here of course!

Here is my idea of a perfect man.

* The most important thing on the list of course is that he must be totally single, which means he can not be married, in a relationship or gay.

* He is at least 5'9" tall. I don't have a problem with shorter men, I just don't want to date them!

He must have all of his teeth. I don't mean he has to have lived half of his life in a orthodontists office, but come hillbillies!

* He wears a cologne. There is nothing like your man going home, and your sweater smelling like him.../swoon

* He enjoys laughing and making others around him laugh- especially me. He doesn't take life so seriously all the time that he can't make fun of himself. He can dish it out and take it. He's also clever in his comeback and use of sexual innuendos.

* Having a child from a prior relationship is not a deal breaker. Having a child from a prior relationship that he has no involvement in and does not financially support is. No diapers either!

He must have a clean police record, and never been in prison. He must be intelligent. A college degree isn't a requirement (as I haven't obtained mine yet either). He is someone I can have thought provoking conversations with. I enjoy learning from one another. This involves being able to form complete thoughts and opinions on his own.

He would not use street slang or talk like a complete thug.

* If he drives a truck, it can't be covered in decals like "Git-r-done" or Nascar related ones. If you wanna be all white trashy, that's fine...just not with me.

I prefer a man with hair.... but not a requirement. I have no problems dating a man who is balding and/or bald. No long hair hippie freaks either!

He enjoys cooking, eating out, eating in...Hey just someone who likes to eat is fine with me.

* He likes random road trips and enjoys listening to me sing along with the music playing. He doesn't mind that I change lyrics to fit me or don't know all the words.

I don't care what field of work he is in or even how much he earns. I do require that he actually have a J-O-B.

A man with rock hard abs just isn't hot to me. I like a little meat on my man. (No I am not being a pervert here either) If I'm able to grab it and make his belly button appear to be talking he earns a point in my book.

* He must not be so in touch with his feminine side that questioning his masculinity comes into question. No metro-sexual guys who want to hang out constantly with my gay friends. I do not want a man who dresses better than I do, nor do I want someone who constantly stares at himself in the mirror. I don't want to have to fight for mirror space, only one of us can be vain.

He enjoys the time on the weekends where you wake up together, cuddle, get frisky, cuddle and sleep in a little while longer.

* He is able to share things with me that I might not have experienced without him. Maybe he loves an up and coming band and wants me to join him to check them out. Maybe there is an art exhibit on display we can experience together. Maybe there is some local food festival in town. That kind of stuff.

He enjoys playing with my hair. He lightly touches my skin without even knowing he's doing it. The ones so light it gives you goosebumps. I love it when a man touches me or plays with my hair while we're watching television or something. It just feels good to be loved on.

* He isn't the clingy or jealous type of guy. He is able to trust me when I go out with my girlfriends (
as I will do the same for him while he goes out with his buddies).

* He would make me one of the priorities in his life.
He is someone who accepts me for "me" but expects the best out of me and inspires me to always strive to be a better person.

* He is someone who is there not only in the fun moments but also in the bad moments that happen in life and is supportive when times get hard.

* He doesn't allow things that have hurt him in the past to affect his future and understands that I don't want that either. He also doesn't make unfair comparisons to any of the exs that have scorned him.

* He doesn't smoke.

He is spontaneous and will come up with something to do at the drop of a hat. Or he may surprise me with the little things that make relationships fun (for instance, leaving post-it notes all over as clues to find a surprise waiting, bringing you smoothies at work, calling just to say he misses you.)

What's your idea of a perfect mate?


At 3:18 AM , Blogger JustaDiva said...

if this is your perfect man, then why have you not dated any guys with at least one of these qualities????? or looked for guys that have at least some of them??

sounds to me like you set yourself up for heartache, but not looking for these prior to "smitten" /gag

and as for that whole cuddle and frisky in the bed before marriage... you might wonna make you a ginger bread man.. :P
cause anything else is WRONG!!!

good luck on your endeavors for the perfect man that doesnt exsist... i have found out that what i thought i wanted and was perfect... is all wrapped up in my husband with all his imperfections and flaws... now that is the perfect man :)

thank god guys are not emo enough to want to make a list of the perfect woman, or we would all be in a world of hurt.... i can sum it up for them though one word to describe her..... BARBIE the porn queen! ehehhehe

At 10:59 AM , Blogger Debi said...

OK ONCE AGAIN.... This is for fun...ONLY! It has nothing to do with ANYONE being emo, or having expectations about current pseudo boyfriends, or past exs.

Yes these ARE qualities I look for in all the men that I date. I don't have to have ALL of these qualities obviously or I would never have dated. Most of the men I have dated in my LIFETIME have had some of the qualities. Obviously since I am no longer with ANY of these's kind of a moot point wether or not they have them or not now.

No where in my blog did it say anything about anything BEFORE OR AFTER marriage (pertaining to the bedroom), so another moot point.

I never said I had to have the perfect man in order to be happy. If I was I would be a nun. Guys DO make up these lists, ask any man if he has ever thought of the perfect woman(for him of course?

Some men would say big boobs, some might say a big booty, luckily for you Dave said BOTH when I asked him! *giggle*

I just want the one who says someone that's funny...

At 11:46 AM , Blogger JustaDiva said...

your right you didnt mention before or after marriage I DID!!! rarrrrrrr

and blah blah blah blah blah about the rest you went on and on about .. pfttttt as if anyone actually reads this stuff LOL.

ya i guess i got lucky with dav, he is NOT perfect and likes my butt and boobs HURAHH for me

you need a command that is like /stop ragging or something

hey i hear if you move to Utah you can marry more than one person, so then you are bound to get your perfect man heheh since all men have at least ONE of these qualities.

At 12:01 PM , Blogger Debi said...

Well CG Has a COUPLE of these qualities!

Although he's not taller than 5'9"! *evil laughter*

and yes people do read this crap...cause it's my blog and I say so! LOL

At 10:49 AM , Blogger Anti-Blogger said...

I would marry that man too...but that would make me gay (which I am not)...and you don't want that.

At 8:08 PM , Blogger Patsy Darling said...

I don't think these things are too much to ask for. I just asked for a man who wasn't fat or annoying.


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