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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

What are your new years resolutions? To lose weight? To quit smoking, or drinking?

Why don't we set more important ones? Donate more money to charity. Help someone in need at least once a week. Volunteer your time more this year. How about taking the time to just tell one person a day that they are pretty great.

If every person in the world did something to improve someone ELSES life, think of what a different world this would be? There would be less hate, and more love. Less anger, and depresion, and more smiles.

I got to know someone last year, and blessed that person over and over and over when they needed it. I didn't ask for anything in return except a heartfelt thank you. This person ended up hurting my feelings rather deeply, for no other reason except they were selfish. The point is, I would do it all over again...I'm not going to stop being a good and loving person just because they aren't capable anymore. I'll just keep giving to those who need it, and loving those who need it most, even when they don't deserve it. Make a difference in someone's life this year.

I hope you and your family has a safe and Happy New Year!


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