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Friday, January 13, 2006

Is This A Date?

Last night I invited Cg to hang out with the "Karaoke Posse". After batting my eyelashes and much bribery he finally agreed to go with me, and he even offered to drive. Now CG and I are not fans of the same music. I prefer evenescence and Anastasia, and he prefers Mudvayne and System of something loud and screamy. So I knew that if he drove I would be tortured with his choice. I joked with Diva before I left that he would probably play some Mudvayne, and I wasn't in the strawberry-mobile(His truck ALAWYS smels like strawberries) 5 minutes before he was digging for that CD. Aside from his lack of musical taste we had a very nice ride to the bar. I was intoxicated by the smell of his cologne, and the fact that he had recently removed his "Ode to Farva A la Super Troopers" moustache. He claims he didn't do it because of my urging, but I know he did.

Once we were at the bar everyone was very friendly with CG, even though he's an outsider, AND he doesn't sing. I wasn't sure how CG would get along with my friends, but since "This wasn't a date" everything just seemed to flow very smoothly. I was worried.

Things were going too well! I mean First of all he agreed to not only go with me, but take off from work, and get yelled at by his new boss in the process. Then we went in the same vehicle. (Cg is the ANTI-Dater. He doesn't get mushy or sappy, or share his feelings. He's not into titles or commitment, or anything that might even give off the impression that he were on a date.) I hadn't even thought about this little outing as "A Date", until Jen B. said something about it when we arrived at karaoke together. I realize his schedule doesn't allow much time for conventional dating, and that may have a lot to do with why we haven't had a real date. I mean....well I HOPE that is the reason. Dammit I think too much.

The rest of the night went just as great. CG even seemed to be having fun. He didn't pick on me, or talk about himself all night. He didn't mention a train even once!

It's odd to think that the epiphany moment in ones relationship would happen in a karaoke bar, but it did. Just like that BAM! I look up and I see this chick singing. She has a cute shape, thin, with a bubble butt, but tragically BAD hair....but I digress. I mentioned to Jen B. That's the kind of girl CG looks at, and he over heard me. Now let me make something clear here. CG has never in any way ever said I was ugly, or fat, or anything negative, EVER. So what was bothering me about this situation? Now if we were just pals hanging out that would be one thing, but we aren't. We have been playing this "game" for nearly 7 months now. He calls me, spends time with me, and when tortured, admitted that he likes me(as more than just a friend) I mean if he was just not one to give compliemtns very easily than I can understand but he comments VERY positively on everyone BUT me. I don't need him to fly over my house with a banner telling me how fabulous I am... although that would rock...
That's when we had the conversation....

CG: You think that's the kind of girl I want?

Debi: Well that's the kind of girls you look at, and seem to be attracted to.

CG: And what kind of girl is that?

Debi You only like the thin, bubble butt, tattooed wild child girls.

CG: So, if that is the kind of girl I want, than do you think what I am doing with you is settling?

Debi: ARE you doing something with me?
Random thought at the moment: Because um last I checked I wasn't your girlfriend, and you made that very clear.

CG: I'll ask the questions here. Do you think that I am settling?

Debi: You would have to be doing something, to be settling...ARE you doing something?

CG: You answer first.

Debi: Yes, you have made me feel like that.

CG: wow, ok then.

I looked into his eyes, and he looked genuinely hurt. I wanted to kiss him right then and there. I wanted to shake him and tell him that if I was wrong, SHOW ME, TELL ME....make me feel special, just this once! Instead I just looked away. I guess I did the right thing, because the rest of the night went really well.

We ended up staying MUCH later than we had planned (which means I am writing this all tired and I really just wanna go back to bed RIGHT NOW!) and even visited after we got home. A few amazing kisses later...and I was off to my house to wonder..Was That A Date?


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