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Monday, June 12, 2006

I Met A Boy (Part 2)

So...My online dating seems to have turned up someone worthy of meeting. We shall call him B.B. ( Buddha Boy---Because his profile said he was into Buddha) Of course he doesn't live in the same area as I do...Because really that would be way too easy now wouldn't it? He lives in Santa Cruz, about 2.5 hours north of me. We exchanged E-mails back and forth for a few days, then talked on the phone a couple of times. It seems that he has also dated some insane people. (Of course I win the crazy prize for CG. I mean who else can claim that their ex created a ginormous story claiming to murder someone, and move to another country JUST to break up with you? I myself would have just chosen to be honest, but you know insanity has it's privileges.)

So it's day three in our little banter, and B.B. and I have decided to meet the following night. He said he enjoys Karaoke, and I myself just HAPPEN to be at Karaoke on Thursday nights. So it's set...sorta...He said there was an 80% chance he would drive down. I don't hear from him all day, and when I do he says he is coming. That's good and bad. Yes it's fabu, that he wanted to come meet me, but leaving me kind of hanging all day is NOT good. I hate that. Make plans, show up on time, and everything will be good. I am a planner. I am organized, and I am rarely if ever late. I cannot STAND at this point I'm not so sure about this one.
I get off work, go home and get dressed to go out. I wanted to look cute, but not super fancy or anything. So I chose some jeans and a cami with a sweater over it. OF course I had the cleavage thing going on. So we head off to Pismo Beach, and get our table, start drinking, and singing...etc. Three hours pass before he shows up. This means he left his house RIGHT when we were leaving mine. *grumble* That's NOT what he told me. He's dressed nice, and he's good looking, but a little shorter than I had hoped. (I think I am doomed to date midgets for the rest of my life.) I'm not super tall or anything, only 5'6", but I like a taller man, and I guess that is also too much to ask, as B.B. is only 5'8". He paid for my drinks all night, complimented me on my appearance, and singing, so we got along just fine. He seemed a little out of his element, so he was a little less chatty than he had been on the phone.

We ended up making plans to see each other again later in the weekend, but our busy schedules prevented that from happening. We may see each other this weekend if we can get the scheduling down. So far the jury is still out on B.B. but at least he didn't mention the movie TR*Y!


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