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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thank You...

This post is set to the tune: "True Colors" By: Cyndi Lauper
Wow! What a Thursday and I haven't even been at work for 2 hours yet!

You know I just love coming into my nice peaceful office before the crew. I do. I get so much done. I get their maps made, their paperwork together, my E-mail(for work) read and answered. I take care of our lead management program and enjoy my coffee. Then I try and get my personal E-mail read and answered. That's where the chaos began.

I opened my e-mail today to find a really nasty letter from C.G. Now I have been really good about not airing my dirty laundry here, unless it's somehow funny, and pokes fun at me. I have done my best not to slander the men that I have dated
too much, and I have never fibbed about what they did to earn their spot in "Debi's Hall Of Shame".

Today you get to enjoy the E-Mail too, because I like to share. Everyone settle in with a pilsner of warm German beer, sit down and enjoy for today we celebrate ignorance!

From: C.G.

To: Debi

Sent: 05/31/06 11:42pm

"So it's about 0830 hear and I have got to ask you WHAT THE FUCK IS PROBLEM ? I get this phone call form my mom and says oh you have got to listen to this msg. on the Phone, so she plays it and all I hear is FUCK'N Stupid falling out of your fucking dumbass mouth. Hear it is all layed out for you ......... I don't like being called a lier or someone implying that i'm a lier, so YOU CAN JUST GO FUCK YOURSELF FORM HEAR ON OUT ! I DON'T CARE WHAT EVER IT IS YOU THINK IS GOING ON , I DON'T CARE IF YOU DRIVE YOUR FUCKING ASS TO RENO, IF YOU FEEL LIKE WASTING YOUR TIME , MONEY , OR WHATEVER GO RIGHT AHEAD, IF YOU SEND ME ANYMORE EMAILS YOU WILL JUST BE WASTING YOUR FUCKING TIME, THEY WILL JUST BE DELETED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST LIKE YOU !!!!"

So as you can see, C.G has gone completely insane. I mean his overuse of exclamation points, gratuitous foul language, run on sentences, and poor spelling is a clear sign, at least to me. I understand if he thinks he was somehow wronged...but really does it require THAT many exclamation points? I know I know...Calling his cell phone and asking why it was still on when he was in Germany is SO bad. I am EVIL! (Insert Dripping Sarcasm Here)

So today I would like to dedicate my post to thanking C.G. Had he not sent me this E-mail today I may have actually missed him. I may have actually longed to hear his voice, or see him again. C.G. YOU were only thinking of ways to help me get over you quicker. I see that now! I am a LUCKY girl! So C.G. I raise my pilsner filled with German swill to you today.



At 9:11 PM , Blogger Lisa said...

No guys that can't spell "from" but instead spell it "form" BIG PET PEEVE!

Yeah CG is an idiot that needs to pull his tonuge out of his butt hole and the n grow up and be a real guy lol.


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