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Saturday, May 13, 2006

CG Is Insane...

CG Is insane...and CLEARLY he is a LIAR! Sometime before my trip to Reno we had made our relationship "official". The week after my trip CG and I got into a disagreement on the phone. He told me he didn't have a girlfriend. I wondered how *I* had a boyfriend (according to him) and he didn't have a girlfriend. What he should have told me was he had changed his mind because he got scared. However, men are chicken shit, and he didn't. Here I was confused as hell about our relationship, and asking him to tell me what he was talking about, and all he wanted to do was get off the phone. He said we could talk about it later in the afternoon, so I got off the phone. I didn't hear from him again for two days. I was of course beside myself with worry. He had never just NOT talked to me before, so I knew something had to be up. When he finally did call me, he told me he had been in jail. (LIE)

Now, let me preface this story by saying, I think everything that came out of his mouth was a big oh freakin lie! He "claimed" he had been in a restaurant with his two friends, and there was a person there who had hit his wife. CG and the two friends ended up mocking this person until he came over and took a swing at CG. CG proceeded to fight this person. The alleged result was his jaw broken in two places, broken ribs, leg, arm, and a skull fracture. (If this IS true, then CG is clearly insane ANYWAY.) It took him four days to finally tell me the whole story(or should I say Make it up), and when he did I was just so in shock. According to CG A few days later the man died. CG was charged with "Involuntary Manslaughter". He said they offered him a deal, because the wife of the man did NOT want to press charges as he had been abusing her for years. The deal was 5 months in county, and he only had to serve 14 days consecutive at a time, so he could continue to work. 10 years probation, 2 years of anger management classes, restitution for the medical bills for the family, and it wouldn't even be a felony. I thought something was fishy when he got such an "amazing deal", but when I questioned him he would flip out. Now...according to him A couple of weeks later he had to go to court on custody of his daughter. The mother was suing him for full custody, and when the DA found out about his little "murder incident" that was all it took in order for her to be awarded full custody with NO visitation until he jumps through a ton of hoops. He snapped, and just up and decided that he was going to move to Germany. He told me he had duel citizenship, as he was born in Germany, and he was just going to go work for his grandfather. Unexpectedly he calls me and tells me this, and says he is sorry things didn't work out different. Well, as you can probably imagine I didn't take that all to well. I was devastated. I mean I had invested 10 months with this person. I had loaned him money to fix a blown tire last summer when he needed it. I cleaned his apartment when he moved out. I stored his stuff in my warehouse free. I moved him with MY crew, and MY trucks FREE,and all he can say is Gee I'm sorry? Wow! Yeah I was angry, hurt, and ready to drive to Reno and choke him. However I didn't. Now he is soposably in Germany, because his grandfather paid $75,000 to keep him out of jail. He removed his USA tattoo, and renounced his American citizenship, and calls Germany home. Funny thing...I saw his Myspace and guess what? He is "dating" some flat chested skinny ass poodle haired bitch in Reno. I just don't understand why he didn't just "Break-up with me"...Good Times.


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