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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Haven't You Learned ANYTHING?

Apparently SOMEONE, who shall remain nameless, ok I lied...CG...Needs to read my post about "Drunk Dialing"!

I was tired last night. I don't know why. I got eight hours of sleep the night before. My eyes were hurting, and all I could think about was getting into bed. I told Matilda (Jen B.'s new name) that I was going to bed, and stay as long as you like to watch the Olympics. (because watching hours of people skiing is fun!...Yeah ok not so much) I trudged up my stairs, changed into my shirt I stole from CG while he was in Germany, and snuggled down into my nice warm bed. I had just about gotten to sleep when of course...just as Matilda predicted...CG called me. Any OTHER time I would have been thrilled to hear from him, however this was NOT the case last night. I hadn't heard from him all day, thinking he was working, so I wasn't really all that worried about it. I answered the phone I knew he had, in fact, been working...on quite a buzz.

Debi: Hello...

CG: Hiyaz...

Debi: Oh Geez.

CG: Whatsamatter?

Debi: You are Drunk.

CG: Noooo I am justalittle buzzed thas all. It was fitycentbeer night ata bar, and I got drunk, and puked, and now Iamallbuzzed again.

Debi: Um..Yeah ok, that was smart.

CG: I got fired today!

Debi: WHAT?!? What did you do now?

Isonly for one days...We went througha red signal *hiccup*

Debi: um what time did you start drinking?

4:30ish I think I dunno I got fireds today *hiccup* I didn't call you because my phone wasona charger at home, cause it was dead *hiccup*

Debi: u huh. Yes, I heard a rumor...okkk well I am gonna go now(my best Office Space voice)

Why dontcha wanna talks to me anymore? I hadabadday I got fired today!

Debi: I read that some place...Um you are drunk and I am tired.

Then he went on and on about being fired (from what I understand it's only one day), wiggling worms & corn, and how drunk he was. When I asked him where his truck was, he said he THOUGHT it was outside....Genius I tell ya...GENIUS. I was in no mood to deal with his drunk ass dialing...I wanted to scream SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP! However, I ended the conversation there, cause I am nice like that. (Stop laughing Matilda!)

I need a drink....


At 7:53 AM , Blogger JustaDiva said...

for some reason "DO UNTO OTHERS" comes to mind here hahahahahha

at least he will remember he talked to you!!

who knows one of these drunken nights you might get the "title" hehehehehe


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