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Monday, February 13, 2006

Um...You Are Moving WHERE!?!

...anywhere west of The Mississippi River.

Of COURSE now that CG is in Reno, NV. Found an apartment, and I made plans to come see him, he decides to borrow out to another terminal.

What does that mean?

CG is a a new engineer for the railroad. That means he doesn't have enough seniority to stay at the local terminal here until someone dies (that could be arranged) or retires. So until then he has to work for another terminal. Now I didn't see what was so bad about working for the Sparks terminal but apparently everything CG does is financially driven. Therefore, if he "borrows out" to another terminal he can make even MORE money. That means he could go anywhere...Well except here... west of the mississippi river. That of course means that driving to see him would no longer be an option and flights will cost a lot more than I want to pay. This does not make me all happy and smiley. In fact it concerns me.

I told him I would do this as long as it didn't require a passport, long before he moved. What was *I* thinking? I was ready to make trips to Reno, NV. Occasional to see him. We talked about seeing each other and somehow him being in the same time zone, and only six hours away made it seem a lot better. I guess it really doesn't matter if he's in Reno or Poedunkville, Texas...He's still gone, and gone is gone is matter the mileage. I was silly to think that this might be fun, and sending him cards and talking on the phone everyday would make it easier. It was fun planning a trip to come see him...but now that's not going to happen either. It's not easier...It's NOT fun. It's not settled yet, but he is on some silly list, so it's probably going to happen.

I really want to go home and go back to bed today...


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