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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Only You...

I have been having this debate for a number of years now with my "sister" Jenne. We both think Smokey Bear is awesome, and I have secret fantasies about running hand in hand in the Forest with him. However Jenne thinks his name is Smokey "THE" Bear. I think it is Smokey Bear.

I ask you...Which is correct?

Now I realize that Smokey was in fact, called both names at points of his, longer than normal for a bear, life. However, I have met not one but TWO Smokey Bears, and they both agree with me. We even grilled a ranger at the fair one time, and he pointed out we were both correct.

I have even taken this little question to the next level, and when meeting potential mates. I have found that their answer to this question is almost a sure sign of the way that relationship is going to end up. Case in point...C.G. WAS one of the two Smokey Bears...and look how that is turning out?

Most girls dream of marrying fire fighters, or big strapping policeman...I dreamt of Smokey. Perhaps my days of sitting by the phone hoping that Smokey will call me and ask me to help him prevent forest fires are over.


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