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Sunday, May 07, 2006

I Often Wonder...

I often wonder HOW people come across The Ice Palace...well now I know!

This week's top "keyword" search...

Google: make your own dildo using stuff from home (THAT scares me!)

Google: "urine be gone" promotion code

Yahoo: is visine deadly

Yahoo: dishwasher overflowing with soap

Google: what does drunk dialed mean? (Gimme yer number and one night I will show ya!)

Yahoo: man whore (I'll give you his number...)

MSN Search: moving sex toys (For Movers & Shakers baby!)

Google: ball park figure humor (uh...yeah ok)

Google: ice palace vegas

MSN Search: how much does my number plate worth

Google: "riddle me" "promo code"


At 9:03 PM , Blogger MC said...

I came here through BlogExplosion. Rants got me interested but honestly, it was the... and FREE LUBE part that got the clickthrough. It just indicated an interesting person who probably had something to say. ;)


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