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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Did You Have Your Ball Park?

My weekend in review, because I know you care.
Even if you don't...I am gonna tell ya, cause it's MY neener neener, want a wiener?

Friday night I was so tired from going out on Thursday that when I got home, I ate some dinner, checked my e-mail, and went to bed. I know I lead an exciting life, and it's no wonder they don't make a reality TV show about my life, isn't it?

Saturday night Jen and I got invited to go out to dinner with B.S and her boyfriend for Sushi. Jen and I are always down for some seaweed and raw fish, so we said we would meet them at 7:00pm. I decided *I* needed to do something fun and different, so I had Jen dye my hair "Rita Hayworth red". I had already spent most of the morning looking for the perfect shade of red lipstick to go with my new "Rockabilly look". When we got to the restaurant, B.S. and "homeless" were already there, and one their second bottle of Sake. We were seated at a tempanyaki table where they cook all your food in front of you. That was pretty fun, and the food was good. B.S and homeless finished off another bottle of sake, plus whatever was in homeless' flask. Classy huh? Jen pounded three sake bombs and I ended up being the only sober one that night. HOW did THAT happen? We all piled into my car to head up to The Inn, to do a little singing, and a lot more drinking. We had a lot of fun, and we made some new friends. I fell in lust with a lovely little southern boy named Charles. I told him that I would have been offended when he called me Ma'am had he not been southern. He asked me how I knew he was southern. I said "Gee, I wonder" In my best southern accent. I Nicknamed him "Georgia" because that's where he was from The problem was...He happens to be married, I found that out AFTER we exchanged numbers. Since I don't do taken...Yeah um NO!

Sunday all I wanted to do was sleep all day. Jen came over and dragged me out of bed, so we could go to our friend's Mohawk & veigny's karaoke show. Now usually I am always ready to sing. However, the thought of me spending my afternoon at The Moose lodge sounded boring as heck. I mean it's 20 old drunk veterans sitting around watching NASCAR, while I sing "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" YAY! I whined and whined to no avail. When we got there it was worse than I thought. Not only were there 20 old drunk veterans sitting around, but where we sang was in the back room. We walked in and knew EVERYONE there. It was all of our friends from our normal venues. *sigh* I could have been home sleeping. I DID get to try a new song, and I did it ok, so there was some good out of it. OH! That and the free pizza.

Yesterday I grilled some Ball Park wieners(wiener is a funny word), and had a little family get together at my house. It was mostly relaxing except for my kids bickering at each other. Really I wanted to lock them both in a closet, but you know the state frowns on that kind of thing here.

Today I am back at work, dealing with "The Goof Troop" in my warehouse all day. Just kill me now! I really don't think my "vacation" was long enough!

What did YOU do?


At 11:52 AM , Blogger Jen said...

Oh god, you lie! You had a blasty on Sunday!

At 12:27 PM , Blogger Debi said...

Yeah um...if you call watching Marcy slobber all over Bri all day fun...

At 4:58 PM , Blogger Lisa said...

What about the rockibilly convention?!


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