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Monday, June 05, 2006

My Weekend In Review

It's Monday again, and you know what that means? That means it's time for you to click that cute little red button down there. Come on touch it! You know you wanna!

This weekend I bought a bar!

NO, not THAT kind of bar. I just happened to be in Target last weekend (when am I NOT in Target?) and I saw this really great bamboo tiki bar. I decided that since I am a rockabilly chick now, that I need a really nifty Polynesian paradise to entertain in. I spent most of the morning on Saturday tearing out all of the plants I had out there, and replanting them in different spots to make room for my new tiki love. Then I needed to go shopping, and out to lunch. OF course the first thing I bought was a tiki glass to go with the tiki bar I was going to buy! I couldn't get the bar last week because I had no way to get it home, but as fate would have it this Saturday it was on sale! What good is managing a moving company of idiots if you can't bribe them to move stuff for you all the time? So I called Rusty and had him help me out. I figured I could put it together myself. I was wrong. So I had another friend put it together for me. THIS is why I need a man around. Sheesh!

Sunday I spent the day recovering from Saturday's shopping, re-landscaping, and bar building(watching). More landscaping, laundry (OH THE JOY!) and a whole lot of sitting on my ass! A perfect end to a great summer weekend.

What did YOU do?


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