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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I Had A Four Way!


I had a four way phone call...OhMyGosh...You thought I meant Orgy...Well not so much. I bet some creepy guy looking for orgy will now hit my blog. It's ok, don't feel left out bitches, I will share!

So yesterday there I was working....O.K. Well there I was Sitting at my desk, waiting for the phone to ring, and wishing I was at home playing Everquest... *damn you Diva!*...When B.B. pops on my Instant went a little something like this....

B.B.: Good Morning Cutie Pie!
B.B.: Ok, so maybe it's more afternoon for some
Debi: Hi There, and yes it's officially now afternoon
B.B.: How are you today?
Debi: Good, just looking for tiki stuff on E-bay for my tiki party, how are you?
B.B:Nice! I'm doing pretty good. The week seems to be pretty slow so far!
Debi: sounds like my work week LOL
B.B.: Oh yeah?
Debi: Well work is work I am here whether it's busy or slow hehe
B.B.:Manager Girl
Debi: yes...I am a slave to my job...Plus I NEED the overtime to pay for my new backyard
B.B.:I know how that goes
B.B.:*Glancing at my bar* there are all kinds of things from eBay over there!
Debi: I am an E-bay junkie

We talked about Random E-bay stuff right about here....Then....

B.B.: Ok, so you know what's goofy?
Debi: me?
B.B.:I kinda miss hanging out with you...

*Insert Random Thought Here* ONLY KINDA? WTF?

Debi: and that's goofy?
B.B.: I've only hung out with you like 1+ times. But you're a hoot!
Debi: yeah well I am can you not want more...really...;)
B.B.:Just sayin', WAY looking forward to seeing you again
Debi: and when might THAT be? ;)
B.B.: That's what I'm working on. How does your Friday night work?
B.B.: And would a bribe with gas money help?
Debi: So you are trying to bribe me to come see you?
B.B.:Yup, Did I mention the full bar?

*Insert Random Thought Here* He knows the way to my heart doesn't he?

Debi:Ok so if I don't have to pick up D...I will contemplate coming up...
B.B.:I may have a poker game Saturday night, but that'll be a hoot as well!

*insert Random Thought Here* Um...Yeah not so much...

B.B.:I'm up in the air on that though
Debi: well I CAN be adaptable when need be...

*Insert Random Thought Here*
Who the crap am I kidding? No, I can't. I am an unyielding cactus remember?


*Insert Random Thought Here*
Why does he keep saying that?

B.B.:We'll have a great time I'm sure
. Do you like Sushi?
Debi: SUSHI? OMG yes

*Insert Random Thought Here* Ok a full bar, AND seaweed and raw fish...I am SO there.

Diva has been added to the conversation.

Then it REALLY got Crazy! Then I added my friend Cory, who lives up near B.B. I guess we all got tired of typing, because somehow we ended up in a Four-way conversation on the phone. It was a lot of fun, and B.B. seemed to get along very well with my friends. That's a good sign in my book...Unless of course he gets along too well with Cory! I'll keep you posted my lovelies!


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