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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Another day at work...

Yesterday I did not end up skewered by the bosses son. When J. Boss got there, he argued with J Boss Jr. For a good 15 minutes on why he could bring the stick-turned-spear home. Something about the LAST time he did that his sister had to go to the hospital. Even though J.Boss Jr. Did tell J. Boss that was his favorite stick it was left sitting on MY DESK to be disposed of. Random thought: WHO the hell has a favorite stick?!

The afternoon turned out a lot worse though. One of my crew members "Pinball" called to tell me that another guy on the crew was attacking him. His exact words were "Tonga just head butted me, and I am bleeding!!!" You see Tonga has a little anger management problem, and likes to fight things out rather than talk. I guess it started with Pinball saying he was going to take a lunch and Tonga didn't want him to, so he decided to kill pinball. In FRONT OF the shipper. When J. Boss heard about this he told me to fire Tonga. My exact words were "Well I understand that he needs to be fired and all but shouldn't that be something YOU do, seeing as Tonga is insane? I mean I don't want my house burned to the ground, and you are the boss!" He agreed, and said have Tonga call me. Well that's fine except for one thing. J. Boss never answers his cell phone. When the crew came back into the office Tonga was fired. Now of course my Tuesday is left scrambling to find someone to work all these jobs I have booked for the next 3 weeks.

Stupid phone call of the day:

Debi Good Morning blah blah blah.

Tuesday's Stupid Shipper: Do you move people?

Debi: Well not me personally, but the company does.

Tuesday's Stupid Shipper: Well can you come to my house and load everything we have into something and leave it there while I remodel?

Debi: No we don't supply C-Trains. However, we can provide you with storage for your belongings until you need them.

Tuesday's Stupid Shipper: So you can bring something out and leave it here?

Debi: NO sir, we don't do that, we only have vaulted storage in our warehouse.

Tuesday's Stupid Shipper: Can you leave the vaults here?

Debi: (Sigh) Um No sir, there is no service that we can provide you that leaves anything on your premises. We only can do the moving, and storage here in OUR warehouse.


Tuesday's Stupid Shipper: Um, so you CAN move me, and you can do that here?

I really did not think this guy was for real, so I just gave up. J. Boss says, if they are a freak on the phone they are a freak on the move, and we have a NO FREAKS Policy.

Debi: Yes Sir we can move you, when did you need this done?

Tuesday's Stupid Shipper: Tomorrow

Debi: (Trying really hard not to laugh) Oh No I am sorry sir. We are booked up until Christmas.

Tuesday's Stupid Shipper: Um...Ok (click)

I hate stupid people!


At 11:37 AM , Blogger Miss Cambria, 1892 said...

I remember work....a place I had to go and do stuff til really late at night...sure I got paid for it.. but hey, unemployment's not bad..1000 bux a month for doing nothing.. or.. 1000 bux a month for doing exactly as I please... like recipe development for the fair...or going to the coast....

At 1:06 PM , Blogger Debi said...

well...with all this free time your blog should be exploding by now!

At 1:51 PM , Blogger Jen said...

Hmm I wonder what will happen to Tonga now... Oh wait, I bet he'll go work with BB. Hehehe! He should fit right in with the three pricks!

At 2:04 PM , Blogger Van! said...

sorry.. I hate smashing people like that.. I really like my bert post..then i had to do trash contol

At 2:06 PM , Blogger Debi said...

Oh Van you know you love it. Come on over to the evil side with us...MUHAHAHA!

At 2:06 PM , Blogger Debi said...

Jen: Tonga will most likely go with for Shannon. BeBe doesn't get a helper. LOL

At 1:01 AM , Blogger Jen said...

Hey those two dorks came into my store today asking about lube and penis pumps. I told Tonga you blogged about him and he laughed. I also told BB that you're single!!! LOL!!!

At 6:53 AM , Blogger Debi said...

You are so so what did he say?

At 11:41 AM , Blogger Jen said...

He said, "She is? I thought she was seeing some choo choo guy."

At 1:00 PM , Blogger Debi said...

BLAST! Well I haven't seen CG since like well...almost a month so whatever...Tell BEBE there is a party at my house and it's BYOL!


At 12:36 AM , Blogger Jen said...

bring your own lube?


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