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Saturday, July 28, 2007


Last year I made a lot of new friends during blogathon. Some of them turned out to be some people I will probably be friends with forever! Some... not so much! Don't you think it's important to have a wide variety of people in your life? In the last 4 months of starting MPYR Radio. I have learned so much about myself and the people that work really hard with me on this station. It's truly a blessing to have those kinds of people in my life.

If my father were here today I think he would be thrilled to see this. I think he would have wanted to be part of it. When I was young we used to sit in the living room with his old reel to reel tape recorder and pretend like we were on the radio. I was "The Desert Rat" since we lived in the high desert. It was a lot of fun then, and I guess that is really what I am doing with MPYR... just playing. You know what? If one person smiles hearing their favorite song on during the thon, well then we have done our job!

Go sponsor someone who is working really hard! Thank your monitor! Hug your family!

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