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Saturday, July 28, 2007

FiVe FivE FiVe

I am tired already. Last night when I finally could get to sleep I was awakened by this lovely noise downstairs. It was in fact the sound the TV makes when the color bars come on so IF you fall asleep with the TV on, it will wake you up and you will turn it off. UNLESS of course you are Lisa, my daughter. The TV was inches from her, and I had to come all the way down stairs and beat her with an inflatable palm tree to turn it off. Well... she didn't turn it off, she rolled over and let me continue to beat her with the tree. I ended up having to turn it off myself, and when I turned around I wacked my leg on the table. I have a bruise. I will get revenge.

Monty, It only takes me two minutes to shave my legs!

Jeckles, At least I am clean!

I really need coffee! Why hasn't someone brought me Starbucks? I think my minions are slacking!

Party Update:
I finished the pineapple cake last night so I didn't have to do it today.
I would like to say watching my daughter opening coconuts was REALLLLLY scarey last night. She loved poking the little brown furry thing in the eye. She loved beating it with the hammer. Should I be afarid?

OK Want to wake up? Want to have some fun?

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