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Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy New Year

Ok so my post is a LITTLE late...shut up...I have been busy! O.K. I have been LAZY...but Busy, Lazy, they both end in 'y' right? Right!

So I think 2006 was craptacular. I wrecked my car, i broke up with my long time boyfriend, and i was impaled by a ski pole. However, many good things happened in 2006 also. I joined Blogathon, i raised some money for Cancer research, i met some new friends, i joined Mojo Radio, i learned some things about myself, and i even opened my mind to new things.

I was over at Webkittyn's blog the other day, and i really liked her new years post, and how she thanked am going to steal that...and i am sure she won't long as i pimp her blog! *giggles*

My R/L Family: Yeah you guys all suck. OK just kidding. I like you...most of you...sometimes. My mom and i had our differences this year but with the help of our new little villaging hobby, it's helped a lot. Chants: "Buy more Lemax!" i love you mom!

Jen B. Aka: Sleepingbeauty AKA tramptastic: There were days that i wanted to choke you, and i am sure there were days when you wanted to choke me. Sometimes i get that horrified look on my face when you do something crazy, and then i wear bad shoes, and you get "bad restaurant face" There were also things we did together that i would have never done with anyone else. No one would have taken me to Hootenanny, live through sweltering humidity, heat, riots, and mean spirited "Road Weenies" just to meet a guy, and have a good birthday. Who ELSE would get me "birthday flan"?! You are the best friend a girl could ever bitch about! i love you!

Jenne Fresno: That's your new name btw...You are so much more than a friend to me, you and i go so far back it's hard to remember our Club Fresno numbers anymore! We definitely had our "moments" this year, but as usual, "love conquers all". i know that no matter what I wear or how fat I get you will always be my sister. i know that no matter what Looney change i make, or crazy thing i get into you will always be my sister. You may roll your eyes and make that noise...but you will always be there. My door is always open to you and the girls, day or night. (Well, that and you have a key.) i love you!

Tisha: My southern Twin! You are my spirit sister and this last year you were there to bail me out of my spiritual rut so many times. Whenever I talk to you, i know that i will either end up crying or laughing until my stomach hurts. You are such an amazing woman, and we have gone so far from where we started...i can hardly believe it's been almost 8 years. Thank you for this journey of friendship that we ride together. From Everquest to Vanguard, i will always love you for not letting me drown in Halas! i love you!

Monty: The other half of my brain. A daily read. A blogathoner. A Fellow DJ. An inspiration. A friend. Shannon, i am sooo very glad i got to know you as much as i have. My days are brighter because you bring me so much laughter. i look forward to many more years of craziness from you, and with you. i love you best!

Webkittyn: What do i say about someone like you? My entire life changed when i joined Blogathon, and met you. i knew from the first minute i tuned into your radio show that morning i found a truly awesome person. Your strength and creativity this year are an inspiration to me to go out and do whatever it is i want to do. To achieve whatever dream i want. i thank you so much for letting me part of this dream of yours, we all call KMRL. i look forward to torturing many more listeners with my cheesy choices. You Rock!

Darkstar: i never thought i would become friends with you. i thought you were dark and spooky, and rather scary. (well you still are) However, if it wasn't for you i would not have been able to do that first show on Mojo. i would not have, forever archived, a show where i said "baby daddy" on the air. (although i wish i didn't-LOL) i would not have opened my mind to different ideas. i would not have been able to be true to myself. i believe that your dreams can be a reality, its right around the corner for you. i look forward to more of your silly debauchery. i am so pleased to call you friend.

Ogre: "Bacon Boy" More Mojo goodness! i guess helping you get on the air that day was probably a mistake. Had i known that you would become our shock jock, i would have never told you that you were using the wrong IP Number! LOL All kidding aside, i have had a great few months getting to know you. You and i have shared sooo many laughs. i think i have ended up crying i was laughing so hard a few of those times. i think once you get over you Myspace survey addiction, your bacon addiction, and the death of "your friend" Saddam, everything is going to be just fine! i look forward to many more nights of long crazy chats about nothing.

Luka: It's been such a treat getting to know you, and being able to spend each Saturday morning with you before my show. You are so warm and so funny, how can not anyone adore you? Now if we could just get rid of all of your ugly crocs & crazy shoes! *giggle* i can't wait to see what the new year holds for the "Saturday Crew"...PS. i am kicking your butt in Fafarazzi!

Diz: i hate Deborah Gibson, but I’d play it for you! LOL Your love of cheese music is strong, and therefore i like ya! i am glad i got to know you through Mojo. i can’t wait until this season of Idol starts! We are going to have so much fun! You are so funny; i just wish your show were on later! i am glad we are friends!

Kineada: i hate you, i really do. *giggles* Anyone who would play three songs in a row from "The Rev", is instantly on my list of kewl people for 2006! Even though, i whine and complain about the requests you make on my show. i secretly like it, but don't tell anyone mmmK? 2007 will be there year i request something that YOU don't actually have. i want to hear Menudo on your next show dammit!

TheTodd: Wow, how can anyone describe our relationship? I really didn't think we would still be chatting six months later, but we are. i am glad. i am glad i gave you a second chance to be the kewl guy i knew you were deep down inside. i love that you were there during my first radio show...and you don't miss them unless you have a car show. i look forward to hanging out with you again sometime. This time i get to ride in the car not just look at it ok. We will always have
Irvine! LOL!

Franky: I could NOT have gotten through Blogathon without you. Even when you quit, you stayed up with me and talked me through those last hours of swelling feet, and exhaustion. i adore you. Thank you!

So many other people touched my heart in 2006. All of the KMRL DJ's are awesome and i look forward to getting to know them better. Meathe: just read me a cereal box ok? Bug, Binary Blonde, Deathsquad, Pandora, Gimp, Zo...i can't wait to know each one of you a little better this year!

i raise my glass of champagne to all of you, and wish you the very best 2007!


At 3:16 PM , Blogger aka_monty said...

You're so sweet (actually I'M so sweet too because, you know, the other half of the cranium and all)...and I love you best too. :)

Two-half wits is as good as one whole.

At 4:14 PM , Blogger Diva4God said...

you better say that!!!!!!! heheh love you too... and keep the faith!!! it is the ONLY lasting thing in life.. even beyound friends.
luv jooo

At 9:44 PM , Blogger tsykoduk said...

Oh my - I actually remebered my #



I think. :)


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