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Friday, December 15, 2006

I Feel Like a Shish Kabob..

Running with scissors, swinging ski poles, pointing a gun at someone...are all things that you should avoid to prevent accidental blood loss...
I'm just saying...

It's all fun and games until someone ends up with a hole in his or her leg...

Yesterday one of the movers from our sister office came in to help off-load a storage lot that was coming into our warehouse. There happened to be ski poles in this storage lot. He decided he was Babe Ruth, and started swinging them like a baseball bat.

I said, as I walked into the warehouse. "Someone is going to get hurt...knock it off."

Right then one of the ski poles flew out of his hand, and into my leg. It didn’t stick, and it didn't rip my jeans, but OH MY Gawd that hurt. I glared and walked back into the office, thinking I would go to my desk and wallow in pain in private. Then I looked down and noticed that I was not only leaving a trail of blood, but my jeans were sopping with it. (Insert panic here)

I ran into the bathroom and took off my pants. I looked down to find a 4-inch gash on my leg spewing blood. OK I hate blood; I hate the thought of losing blood out of my leg. So I sat there looking at the blood before I realized...Ewww...I have to make that stop. I'm lucky I didn't faint and bash my head open too. I grabbed the first aid kit out of the cabinet and played doctor. I tried to clean up my jeans, socks and boots...but I think all but the boots are a total loss. I spent the rest of the afternoon wincing in pain at my desk.

I'm now damaged goods, and will prolly never meet "Mr. Right" and live happily ever after...and it's all Kyle's fault. I got home and cleaned up the wound some more and changed the bandage. Looking at it, I probably should have had stitches, but now instead I will have a great big scar from "The Great Ski Pole Incident Of '06".

Just another typical day for me...


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