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Monday, November 13, 2006

Dear Ass-Hat!

Dear Mr. Ass-Hat;

You in your giant, Ford F-350, gas-hog, lifted, tinted windowed, overcompensating for what you lack in your pants...bad driver. I hate you! Yes, I truly do. I wish you would smash into a tree and die.

Every DAMN morning I get behind you. It doesn't matter what time I leave my house. It doesn't matter how fast I drive to work. EVERY morning you are there. Either behind me, riding my ass... Ohhhh and the next time you do that? yeah, I am gonna slam on my breaks (because I saw a ghost) and watch you smash into the back of my car. Have you SEEN my car? I need a new one, and you can obviously afford to buy me one. Then there are the times when you race around me, nearly running me off the road, because you sat around scratching yourself all morning watching midget porn, and now YOU are late for your construction job, where you get to bang a big hammer! YAY you! You drive like a complete moron. You switch lanes without a signal. You drive 40 in a school zone, and then when you turn in front of me, as you do every day, you don't think you need to use a turn signal. Why is that? Do you think I can read your pee-sized mind? Well no Mr. shit-for-brains. I CAN'T!

Read My License plate ass-monkey...It says ICEPRINCEZZ for a reason!

Please FUCK-OFF!
Sincerely, Iceprincezz


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