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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Friday Night Fair Fun

Ok OK, I know it's NOT Friday night, but pretend ok? Ryan complained that I didn't post about the NEXT night at the fair, so here we go...

Jen B. and I had it all planned out. She would take the night off for the Berlin concert and we would go and have a swell time making fun of carnies, and I would of course drink too many blinky fruity drinks. I love making plans. When ever we go somewhere I make plans. Even if it's a shopping trip to the mall. *I* Plan it. That's just who I am. I can be spontaneous, but I always think things will go better if I plan...I am 75% of the time wrong. This was one of those times.

I left work early to go home take a nap, paint my nails, do laundry, and whatever else you do before the fair. I hadn't eaten anything because I was going to grab something on the way home. I am driving down the road, trying to get away from all of the bad drivers when my car suddenly starts to pull to the left. I had my radio up so I didn't hear the thumpity thump of the flat tire. I turned my radio down and NEW. OK I can do this...I pulled over to the side of the road, and yep it was flat. I called my mom's shop (she happens to run a towing service) and told her I had a flat. She responded with "Call a tow truck" I sat there for about 10 seconds thinking, did I hear her correctly? "I thought I did mom!" I explained to her where I was and waited for the next available driver to come and rescue me from the sweltering car I was sitting in. (It was only 100 degrees that day!) When the driver finally did arrive he loaded up my car, and jumped back in the cab of the truck. I thought we were on our way until he looked at me and said we are stuck here for a while. I thought wow...What did I do to deserve this? Somehow he had lost his "J" hooks. Now I have no idea what that means, but it's a bad thing, and means I'm not going to get my nap. That made me cranky. Here I was sitting in the cab of a tow truck, hungry, tired and hot. To make matters worse the driver (who by the way is a super nice guy) thought his jokes were funny. They may have been, had I not been all pissy. We finally get his "J" hooks, and get back to the shop, I get my new tires and go home. (4 hours later!) I have just enough time to race through the shower and find something to wear since I didn't get to do laundry.

I picked up Jen B. and we headed off to the fair finally. Again we took the shuttle bus to the fairgrounds. The ride there wasn't as bad as when Ryan and I went so I was relieved. We made our way to the blinky drink place where I ended up getting the same concoction as the night before. I figured since I wasn't eating funnel cake I should be ok. We ended up walking around the carnival area just to mess with carnies. I thought I saw my ex boyfriend Ken. Jen B. Wanted to yell out "Hey Ken" but I convinced her not to. If this was Ken, why didn't he say hi? This must not have been Ken...and he must have a twin. Yes that's exactly what it was...There is no reasonable explanation otherwise. Yeah so...We ended up getting out of that area without messing with any carnies this year. I do believe Jen B. Said something about them smelling like cabbage though. You'll have to read her blog to find out! I don't remember...

We ran into some friends of ours there and decided we would all sit together for the concert. Jason wanted to sit on the end so he could rush the stage when they came out, so I let him. Berlin was awesome. They sounded great, and Terri Nunn looked really good. At one point she came out into the audience and Jason kissed her boots. It was a little over the top, but that's Jason. The real highlight is when he got to dance on stage with her. I would have gone too but I didn't want to get trampled in the stampede of people that ran up there. Standing right there by the stage was plenty close for me. When the show was over I decided since the drummer was signing autographs we needed a CD to sign. I threw money at Jen B. and had her shove her way into the line to get a CD. She raced in and back just in time to get it signed. YAY!

As we walked around one last time, dodging puddles of vomit, we decided it was time to head home. We missed the first bus back to the car, which put us first in line for the next bus. Some people tried to cut in front of us, but the security guard let us on first like we were V. I. P.'s or something. (She must have seen my model walk) Jen B. Thought she was a lesbian and wanted us....Could have been true I dunno. After the bus was all filled up, the driver tries to start the bus. It doesn't work. This makes me nervous for several reasons.

1. This bus is really hot, and I am already sweating.

2. The guy behind us is rambling on about how he thinks he's going to be a pro boxer some day.

3. The country music on the bus driver's radio is blaring.

4. I REALLY wanted to get home in time to see "CG" since he was in town.

every time the bus driver would attempt to start the bus, and it wouldn't start she thought it would be a good idea (and for the life of me I do NOT understand why) to sing "I'm a Honkey Tonk Man" OK first OF all she is not a man, nor is this a honkey tonk...SHUT THE HELL UP! When she finally got the bus started it seemed that the radio got louder. There just happened to be a freakin speaker right next to my ear! OH lucky me! I had a look on my face, according to Jen, like I was gonna kill the bus driver. I did in fact entertain these thoughts. I did contemplate getting off at the first stop and trying to catch another one. We really should have I thought it couldn't get worse....She starts telling JOKES! Not just jokes but NOT SO FUNNY jokes. One of which was not appropriate for the children that she had on her bus. We were, of course, the last stop on the bus ride back. That meant I had to endure this torture longer than anyone else. When we finally escaped or closet comedian bus driver's clutches it felt like hours later.

I dropped of Jen B. and headed home. I called CG, but he didn't answer his phone. So I went to bed. Oh well at least the concert was great!


At 11:56 AM , Blogger Serena said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my site. I really like your writing and I love the graphics on your blog!

At 10:48 PM , Blogger Anti-Blogger said...

If I was there, or just happen to have been driving by, I would have help change your tire and quickly got you on your way. But that is just who I am.


I would just laugh as I drove by.


At 9:52 AM , Blogger Patsy Darling said...

:( I so thought this would start off as I was doing fine until I threw up in my hands.

At 11:04 AM , Blogger David said...

CG is over, admit it!

At 12:00 PM , Blogger Jen said...

Wow if someone read my blog and then your blog or vice versa they would think we practiced it in case anyone ever wanted to administer a lie detector test.

At 4:36 PM , Blogger Debi said...

Serena: Thanks! :)

Anti: You wouldn't have stopped cause yer wicked!

Patsy: Not yet! Although I got close last night

David: Much to my delight YOU would be wrong! *grin*

Jen: We didn't?

At 5:52 PM , Blogger Charlie Mc said...

Berlin was great!!!!

At 6:13 PM , Blogger madman said...

I always enoy your posts! DAMN--you are in the top ten!WOW! I did vote for you!


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