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Monday, August 07, 2006

Did You Miss Me?...

...Don't Lie! I know you did!

OK well My internet was down most of last week here at work. I know. That's no excuse since I have better internet at home, but that's what I am sticking with. I was too busy to blog from home, so deal with it! I live in a great city. My son is in day care during the week, and they have it at a different school this summer. It's out of my way, and not as close as his school. However, it's down a winding country road lined with oak trees dripping with Spanish moss. It's not unusual for me to see a bevy of quail tottering across the road, or a family of deer grazing in the fields. Every morning there is this woman walking her dog along the road. I don't know this woman, but every single morning as she walks along the road, she waves to me as I go by. I look forward to seeing her. It makes my day to know that I live somewhere, where people are genuinely nice. I used to think...Why is that woman waving at me? Now...I wave back.

Count your blessings today people...

Have you read this book? Why not!?


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