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Monday, July 04, 2005

Being Single in a Couple world...

Everywhere I went today I saw happy little couples, which inspired this posting....

Today I took my kids to the local 4th of July parade, and it was a nice time even though it felt as if it were 900 degrees outside. Since I am divorced and not currently dating anyone that puts me in the single category (by the way I have been in this non-dating mode for the last 7 months). Most days I don't mind. I have a great job that keeps me super busy. I have two great kids, and some wonderful friends. Today, however, it bothered me. All around me these
happy little couples were holding hands, and some were even dressed in matching 4th of July garb. (Insert gagging noise here)

I couldn't even bring myself to attend the usual fireworks display at the beach. I knew everywhere I looked there would be happy little (sunburned valley people) all snuggled up in their blankets ooohing and aaahing over the pretty little lights. I just kept telling myself I was tired, and had to work in the morning so I should stay home.

Like I said most days I am perfectly happy being single as I know that God will let me know when I meet the right man(emphases on the word man). Being single can even have it's advantages. I can sleep in the middle of my bed if I want. I don't have to share the remote with anyone. I can eat an entire box of candy in one sitting if I wanted to (even though I never have) and no one would know. So why is it one silly little holiday where you dress up in the most unflattering color combinations, can make me wish so much that I was one half of a couple?

Tomorrow is July 5th, no one will dress in matching clothes and the men I work with make me want to remain single forever...and everything with be all better.


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