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Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy Fourth Of July...

What does the fourth o July mean to you? To me it's a chance to celebrate the fact that I am still a free American with the chance to do anything I want with my life. I think as a woman I should feel extra blessed, as women in other countries don't have those same freedoms. I believe most young women today actually take that for granted. If we all could just look at today as more than just "another day off work"...(unless of course you work in an adult novelty store and don't get the day off) and actually be thankful for what we have, perhaps this world could be a little better even if for just one day.

So, floor tiles are NOT as fun as I thought they might be. I did, however, get my kitchen floor completed in just over 7.5 hours. I have never been very handy or into physical labor so the fact that I did this is amazing in it's self. I am pretty pleased with the results, and HEY....I don't have to mop this weekend!


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