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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I Want A Frosted Friend..

Yesterday afternoon I went over to my mom's house for lunch just like I do every day. I was watching TV, and having my delicious(mainly because it was free) sandwich, when this commercial came on. It's the commercial for the Frosted Mini Wheat cereal. I was mesmerized as I watched this little chunk of frosted wheaty goodness checking off a check list for a little school girl. Then it hit me...

I need a frosted mini wheat personal assistant! Think about it. I mean he couldn't wash the car, because he might get wet, and soggy, and dissolve... but he could do other things! This fiber filled assistant could answer the phones for me at work while I took a nap, fold laundry, and help my kids with their homework. I wouldn't forget things on my to do list anymore. It would just be great!

Last night I went to the store and bought a box of Frosted Mini Wheat, but sadly none of the little squares would talk to me. I guess maybe I shouldn't have gone for the generic brand.


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