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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloweenie!

Where's my candy?

Monday, October 30, 2006

Truth Or Something Like It...


Seriously. I don't get it. I don't get why men feel they have to lie. To be fair...women lie too. I am just ranting on what I know. Men lie about the size of *giggle* they lie about their marital status. They lie about their sexuality. They even lie about murder, and the death of their children.

In the last year myself, or one of my friends have been lied to about all of the above. My crazy ass ex CG still creates these stories; he likes to believe as truth. I know...why do I still talk to him? I do not really. He has contacted me via e-mail a couple of times, and once by phone. The phone call I took because I needed closure. I wanted to ask him why he said all the crap he did to me, JUST to break up with me...and he lied...yet again. He continued to go on and on about how he is not working for the railroad, and how he is not living in
Reno...etc. Yet does, and he is...and he is not so bright as to even cover that up when he talks to me. The last lie really took the cake. He claimed his daughter had passed away. That is sick. At this point, I am not even sure he actually HAS a daughter. If he does...he is a sick man for two reasons.

1. Why the hell would you tell someone your daughter had died? ARGH! That is horrible!

2. If your daughter had in fact died only two days before, why on EARTH would you be on Myspace, posting comments to friends about what a fabu weekend you JUST had with them?

I will tell you...If either of my children died...I would not be able to pull myself out of bed. I would just wilt like a flower.

I had watched a dear friend date a man for nearly two years. He is clearly gay, yet continued to date her, and tell her loved her etc...All the while making all kinds of hunky new gay friends, and shying away from straight sex with her. WHY? Why would you hurt someone like that? Admit you are gay and move on.

People lie to protect their secrets. Is that ok? Is it ok to lie to protect someone from an awful truth like cheating? Is it ok to lie to keep a job?

Where do the lies end?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Where Have YOU been?

OK I know you people keep asking me where I have been.

So Here I am. Miss me? Why do I ask...I know you did! All three of you.

I have had a wicked cold for a while now. It's made me want to go home from work and fall into bed.


I have also been trying to recover from my train wreck of a first radio show on KMRL. YOU missed my show??? Let’s Re-Cap for those of you who missed my debacle…

OK so it wouldn’t be MY show if it went off without a this case a HUGE glitch.

11:30 am: Diz logs out so that Iceprincezz can do a test run and check settings.

11:35 am: Still not connecting (OFF AIR)

11:45 am: Station still off air...Iceprincezz gives up and puts the default back on. (the sheep song plays)

11:55 am: Iceprincezz starts to panic...gets help from Kineada, Diz, and Pandora in chat room to no avail.

12:00 pm: Iceprincezz tries yet luck returns to the default. (the sheep song plays *AGAIN*)

12:30 pm WebKittyn comes in and explains she fixed whatever the hell Iceprincezz had broken in her freak out session with live365.

12:45 pm Iceprincezz goes live...but doesn’t know it...and tries to play music...but doesn’t work.

12:48 pm Iceprincezz realizes this after reading the chat room...and starts to try and figure out why her music doesn’t work.

12:50 pm Fellow DJ’s (The Buttcrack Of Dawn Girls) Luka, and Diz try desperately to help...again to no avail.

1:00 pm Iceprincezz says “Fuck it” and goes Talk Radio for the next two hours...cause she aint no quitter bitches!

In those two hours we discovered…

That the song “Black Horse and A Cherry Tree” is IN FACT about Beastiality.

TheTodd wears boxers under his uniform, but boxer briefs the rest of the time.

I can, in fact, talk for two hours straight without stopping. (Like there was any doubt)

I giggle a lot when I have nothing to talk about but Vodka and Beastiality.

The reason that tramp Katherine Mcphee was sick during the idol tour is because she was crawling about on the floor a lot during her songs. (That floor is dirty ya know) you can missed a good time! I have come to the conclusion(well with the help of fellow DJ Darkstar-who was very patient with me-even though I am a complete goofball) that I needed a NON USB mic. Hopefully this will remedy the situation and I will be doing another show this Saturday!

Maybe my "Pretend Boyfriend" will be listening? Hey If Monty can have a pretend boyfriend (or 40 in her case) then so can I!!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Sushi Time!

My friend Jeff just got back from that big sandbox over yonder. He is here for two nights. So tonight we are going out to have crap loads of sushi, drink way too much and sing like rocks stars(well *I* will anyway).

I'm sure I will have lots of blog-o-rific stories tomorrow...but since YOU are staying home tonight should listen to Pandora on KMRL! She does an awesome 80's show!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What Do All The Kewl Kids Listen To?

That's what!

Saturday 12pm-3pm
(That's 9am for you Cali kids!)

Internet radio is where all the cool kids hang out!
You can listen to ME live this Saturday. I will be playing a little bit of every kind of music you can think of. Do you have a request? Let me know.

If I have it, I will play it...If I don't I will get it!

Mojo Talk Topic this week is: "What Freaks you out?" & "What Tempts you?"

Come join us in the MojoRadioLive Chat Room, and tell us what Tempts YOU!

Mojo DJ's LOVE Attention...send Fan/hate mail and it might get read it on the air!

We have good mojo...and Cookies!

Today's Mojo Radio Live Lineup includes:

Kittyn Kitsch. She does a talk show (when she has something to talk about) from 3pm-4pm EST.

WebKittyn Wednesday: Your requests, questions and interaction mixed with everything from 80's to Euro metal to stoner tunes to classic rock. And cookies. 9pm-12am EST.

I Hear Things...

...NO! Not voices in my head, well...never mind those.

I manage a moving company that I fondly refer to as "Idiot Moving & Storage". Mainly because the crew we employ are idiots, but also, because the people we move are idiots as well. It works OK?

Yesterday I came into work after a 4-day hiatus from my job. My desk looked like a dumping ground for various paperwork, soda cans, and a deep sea-fishing schedule (WTF?). Why is it that when I leave, people touch my desk? Why does my crew have to THROW the paperwork in the general direction of the desk, and hope it lands? Why Oh WHY is it so hard to lay it in the basket designated for this purpose? They have plenty of time to wipe out an entire jar of candy in two days, but to actually do what they need to do; it's like WORK or something...sheesh!

When I cleared the crap off my desk, my warehouse person sat down and talked to me about a visitor the owner had brought in, while I was gone. The owner had told him that the visitor was our insurance man. Someone else said it was the brother-in-law of the owner. Now...I ask you...who was this man? There is a little rumor going around that the new owner (of a year) has decided to sell our office. This scares me. New owners always run the risk of bringing in all of their own people and booting my team and me. I know I bitch about my job, but I LOVE it. I love the fact that I can blog, and read mail and plan my shows for Saturday's Broadcast on KMRL. (You like the plug I snuck in there?) I love the money, and the flexibility I have in case one of my spawn are sick and I need to stay home. I love that I have free moving, and storage, and I can wear low cut tops to work, and it's perfectly acceptable. I mentioned the rumor to our sales person; we shall call him "LarLar". He scoffed at the idea, and said it's not true. We shall see...

In other news, I have a radio show...maybe I have mentioned it. is where the cool kids hang out. Come listen to me on Saturdays from 12:00-3:00pm EST. This week is my first show and I will be playing a little bit of everything. I do take requests, so if there is something you would like to hear leave me a comment and I will get it on for you. I will be talking about a few topics...Come join us in the chat room too!

Today's Mojo Radio Live Lineup includes:

Kittyn Kitsch
. She does a talk show (when she has something to talk about) from
3:00-4:00pm EST.

If you are a fan of will LOVE his show! He is on from
9:00-11:00pm EST

Monday, October 09, 2006

I've been busy...

...It's that time of year again when I get all bear-like and start to hibernate.
The leaves are starting to change colors, and the mornings are cooler now. I love this time of year! I would much rather snuggle up under a throw blanket and watch a good football game, with a nice hot cup of tea, than go out on the town, or even be sitting here bored out of my mind at work.

These are the kind of days when you feel like working on little projects around the house.
I started my Halloween Spooky Town village in August. This is my first year villaging so it took me a while to get the hang of what I was doing. Lots of trial an error, but I think I am just about finished. I guess I could have just set the village up like last year, but after seeing some other people's displays I HAD to do something better. Now I am starting to plan my Christmas village, and my mom has even joined in the villaging madness.

If that wasn't enough, WebKittyn of WebKittyn's Warbles and some friends started an internet radio station. It seemed like so much fun, and all the kewl kids were doing it. So, with a little bit of coaxing...I joined the on air talent. So now Saturday afternoons, from noon-3pm(EST) I will be having my own little radio party on KMRL! Come listen, and join us is the radio chat room...Make a request. I might just play it!

"The Return of The EX" should be the name of a movie and *I* should star in it. I swear, just like clockwork, every few months one or more of my exes will return for whatever reason. It's bizarre really. The other day I get an E-mail from "Chef". He is accusing me of posting on this web site called, and telling the world that he is a cheater. Now the funny part about this is, he IS a cheater. However, that was like YEARS really...Get over yourself...I don't care about you enough to post stuff like that now...but he doesn't believe me. loss. Then out of the blue CG sends me a message on Myspace. What the crap? OK for those of you that forgot what CG did...Go HERE, I'll wait. OK now that you remember..yes THE INSANE ONE! He was Just saying HI...and oh yes he is sticking to that..."I went to Germany" story. In fact he and I spoke briefly on the phone, and yes, he continued to go on and on about Germany. NOTHING he said made sense. Before he left he claimed his truck was re-po'ed because he was leaving, yet he shows me photos of his truck...DUH! I really am thankful that I am no longer a part of his little fantasy world.

Why are men so stupid?