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Friday, November 17, 2006

Is It Time For A Change?

I was looking at my blog template yesterday...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE What Lisa over at Elegant Webscapes did for me. However, I have been contemplating a new design. Not so different from what I have now...just maybe a different color scheme or a different pin-up?

What do you think?

(Everyone BUT Franky Can answer this one-I know I know Franky, you have been bitching at me since Blogathon to get a new one!-LOL)

Happy FREAKIN Friday!

Do you KNOW how damn excited I am to see the end of THIS week come?! I honestly thought there was gonna be some bloodshed here at "Idiot Moving & Storage". Luckily, this has been avoided, although the day is not over. Don't worry I have the camera with me in case something good happens.



Will you be sitting at home curled up with a good book tonight? Forget that crap. You can do that ANYTIME...tonight join DJ Darkstar for a trip into his dungeon of debauchery...or something like that. He will be live from 11pm-1am EST on KMRL. We will be in the chat room, we will be having fun...and if you don't join us? YOU will miss the party...and really...don't you wanna be one of the kewl kids?


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