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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Have A Mojo Radio Live Weekend!

Ok so...I raced home just so I could be home in time to entertain YOU. My Adoring Fans! OK really, my family is insane...and I had to escape...BUT...because of this..YOU get to hear ME LIVE!

Saturday from 12pm-3pm Eastern Time!

I’ll even throw in a couple of tunes to get you in that Christmas Spirit!

So Be there...with Jingle Bells on!


Ps. If you have a request, and your name is NOT Kineada, let me know
and I will play it for you!!<----go there and listen!

Mojo Radio Chatroom <---go there to make a request and talk to a DJ

DJ Ogre will follow me tonight around 9pm don't miss his show.
He promises to eat pig brains.


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