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Friday, November 10, 2006

Have A Mojo Radio Live Weekend!

Saturday from 12-3pm EST all you Cats and Kittens need to come join me for the “I Promise Not To Play Debbie Gibson Ever Again Show” show.

Yes, that’s right...I am going to be doing the second official show in my MojoRadio Career. Are you as excited as I am?

OK well I don’t care if you aren’t...come listen anyway!

If you have a request, go ahead and post it here...unless it’s Debbie Gibson...cause I aint playing that...ever...again!


Mojo Radio Live has a Great weekend come play with us, won't you?

11/09/06 Start Your Weekend with KMRL - Two New Shows Friday and Saturday and Old Friends!

Get an early jump on your weekend with cookies and KMRL starting Thursday and make sure to keep an eye on the "What's Playing Now" icon as you never know when someone is going to pop up unexpectedly to give your ears a surprise!

Thursday: Go Back to the 80's, Mojo Radio Live Style!

Pandora and There Can Be Only 80's from 8-10 PM EST! Get ready to dance into the weekend with Pandora as she spins the best of the 80's just for you!

Friday: A New Show, Gimp's Gripes, Tonight Before the Darkhours!

Join the Cynical Gimp from 8PM-9PM EST as he rants and discusses the issues of the disability community as only an insider with a keen mind can! Catch KMRL's second-newest show!

From 11PM-1AM EST it's the hot Friday night show The Darkhours with Darkstar. Quickly becoming (in his mind) almost as popular as WebKittyn herself, the show is different every week and a great way to kick back and explore the darkness within yourself to kickass music.

Saturday: Spend Your Early Saturday with KMRL and Two Sexy DJs and a NEW SHOW in the evening, Nocturnal Emissions!

Up early Saturday morning? Then come join Luka for the Saturday Morning Show from 9AM-11AM EST! Always a lot of fun with just the right music to get you pumped for your weekend, come discover the morning side of KMRL with one of our "9AM Girls!"

Sticking around the house Saturday afternoon? Turn off that TV and get into the mojo with Iceprincezz from 12PM-3PM EST in The Ice Palace! A little kinky, a lot funky and always full of surprises, you couldn't ask for a more entertaining Saturday afternoon show!

Premiering this Saturday night!
Join Ogre as he brings you Nocturnal Emissions from 9PM-11PM EST! Nocturnal Emissions takes you on a joyride through music. From hard and fast to soft and slow. Back and forth, exploring everything including Metal, Classic Hard Rock, and some Guilty Pleasures, building to a thundering satisfying conclusion. Sounds a little like sex huh?

Sunday: The KMRL Cure to the Sunday Blahs - A Full Lineup of MOJO!

The other half of the "9AM Girls" wakes you up on a Sunday morning! Join Diz from 9AM-11AM EST for My So-Called Radio Show! With a little bit of everything and a lot of panache, Diz will wake you up and get your blood pumping and put a smile on your face!

Don't go out, it's cold outside! Kick back and spend Sunday afternoon with Zo as she brings you The Rant Room from 2PM-5PM EST! A clever mixture of music and talk, Zo has a great show going on and trust us, you don't want to miss some of what the lady has to say!

The Sunday blahs often hit hard at night. Kick those blahs in the balls with Monty as she brings you Monty Does Mojo from 9PM-11PM EST! Music you've forgotten you loved and Monty at her finest, there is no way you'll be feeling anything other than giddy after spending your night with Monty's Mojo!

Wait! We're not done! Bedtime? Helllllllllllll no! Get your ass back here for Binary Blonde as she brings you Digital Tapas from 11PM-12AM EST! This show is guaranteed (or your cookie back!) to get you up off your seat at least once and get you dancing! The hottest dance, trance and techno out there brought to you by a hot blonde who loves Star Trek, animals and good music!

And of course, impromptu shows throughout the weekend as usual and a full rotation update!


At 10:35 AM , Blogger Chief Scientist said...

It's DeboRAH Gibson. Not Debbie. DeboRAH. And she's kinda hot now that she is over the age of 30. I have zero patience with chicks under the age of 30.

How about Debbie Reynolds? Can you play her or do you just have some unnatural hatred of Debbie's? I could go for "Tammy" from "Tammy & The Bachelor." It rules my face.

At 4:41 PM , Blogger Debi said...

well since my name is DEBI...NO I do not have a thing against the name Debbie....Debbie Reynolds...I can do :) I was actually named after her! LOL


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