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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Where Have YOU been?

OK I know you people keep asking me where I have been.

So Here I am. Miss me? Why do I ask...I know you did! All three of you.

I have had a wicked cold for a while now. It's made me want to go home from work and fall into bed.


I have also been trying to recover from my train wreck of a first radio show on KMRL. YOU missed my show??? Let’s Re-Cap for those of you who missed my debacle…

OK so it wouldn’t be MY show if it went off without a this case a HUGE glitch.

11:30 am: Diz logs out so that Iceprincezz can do a test run and check settings.

11:35 am: Still not connecting (OFF AIR)

11:45 am: Station still off air...Iceprincezz gives up and puts the default back on. (the sheep song plays)

11:55 am: Iceprincezz starts to panic...gets help from Kineada, Diz, and Pandora in chat room to no avail.

12:00 pm: Iceprincezz tries yet luck returns to the default. (the sheep song plays *AGAIN*)

12:30 pm WebKittyn comes in and explains she fixed whatever the hell Iceprincezz had broken in her freak out session with live365.

12:45 pm Iceprincezz goes live...but doesn’t know it...and tries to play music...but doesn’t work.

12:48 pm Iceprincezz realizes this after reading the chat room...and starts to try and figure out why her music doesn’t work.

12:50 pm Fellow DJ’s (The Buttcrack Of Dawn Girls) Luka, and Diz try desperately to help...again to no avail.

1:00 pm Iceprincezz says “Fuck it” and goes Talk Radio for the next two hours...cause she aint no quitter bitches!

In those two hours we discovered…

That the song “Black Horse and A Cherry Tree” is IN FACT about Beastiality.

TheTodd wears boxers under his uniform, but boxer briefs the rest of the time.

I can, in fact, talk for two hours straight without stopping. (Like there was any doubt)

I giggle a lot when I have nothing to talk about but Vodka and Beastiality.

The reason that tramp Katherine Mcphee was sick during the idol tour is because she was crawling about on the floor a lot during her songs. (That floor is dirty ya know) you can missed a good time! I have come to the conclusion(well with the help of fellow DJ Darkstar-who was very patient with me-even though I am a complete goofball) that I needed a NON USB mic. Hopefully this will remedy the situation and I will be doing another show this Saturday!

Maybe my "Pretend Boyfriend" will be listening? Hey If Monty can have a pretend boyfriend (or 40 in her case) then so can I!!


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