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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What Do All The Kewl Kids Listen To?

That's what!

Saturday 12pm-3pm
(That's 9am for you Cali kids!)

Internet radio is where all the cool kids hang out!
You can listen to ME live this Saturday. I will be playing a little bit of every kind of music you can think of. Do you have a request? Let me know.

If I have it, I will play it...If I don't I will get it!

Mojo Talk Topic this week is: "What Freaks you out?" & "What Tempts you?"

Come join us in the MojoRadioLive Chat Room, and tell us what Tempts YOU!

Mojo DJ's LOVE Attention...send Fan/hate mail and it might get read it on the air!

We have good mojo...and Cookies!

Today's Mojo Radio Live Lineup includes:

Kittyn Kitsch. She does a talk show (when she has something to talk about) from 3pm-4pm EST.

WebKittyn Wednesday: Your requests, questions and interaction mixed with everything from 80's to Euro metal to stoner tunes to classic rock. And cookies. 9pm-12am EST.


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