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Monday, October 09, 2006

I've been busy...

...It's that time of year again when I get all bear-like and start to hibernate.
The leaves are starting to change colors, and the mornings are cooler now. I love this time of year! I would much rather snuggle up under a throw blanket and watch a good football game, with a nice hot cup of tea, than go out on the town, or even be sitting here bored out of my mind at work.

These are the kind of days when you feel like working on little projects around the house.
I started my Halloween Spooky Town village in August. This is my first year villaging so it took me a while to get the hang of what I was doing. Lots of trial an error, but I think I am just about finished. I guess I could have just set the village up like last year, but after seeing some other people's displays I HAD to do something better. Now I am starting to plan my Christmas village, and my mom has even joined in the villaging madness.

If that wasn't enough, WebKittyn of WebKittyn's Warbles and some friends started an internet radio station. It seemed like so much fun, and all the kewl kids were doing it. So, with a little bit of coaxing...I joined the on air talent. So now Saturday afternoons, from noon-3pm(EST) I will be having my own little radio party on KMRL! Come listen, and join us is the radio chat room...Make a request. I might just play it!

"The Return of The EX" should be the name of a movie and *I* should star in it. I swear, just like clockwork, every few months one or more of my exes will return for whatever reason. It's bizarre really. The other day I get an E-mail from "Chef". He is accusing me of posting on this web site called, and telling the world that he is a cheater. Now the funny part about this is, he IS a cheater. However, that was like YEARS really...Get over yourself...I don't care about you enough to post stuff like that now...but he doesn't believe me. loss. Then out of the blue CG sends me a message on Myspace. What the crap? OK for those of you that forgot what CG did...Go HERE, I'll wait. OK now that you remember..yes THE INSANE ONE! He was Just saying HI...and oh yes he is sticking to that..."I went to Germany" story. In fact he and I spoke briefly on the phone, and yes, he continued to go on and on about Germany. NOTHING he said made sense. Before he left he claimed his truck was re-po'ed because he was leaving, yet he shows me photos of his truck...DUH! I really am thankful that I am no longer a part of his little fantasy world.

Why are men so stupid?


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