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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I Hear Things...

...NO! Not voices in my head, well...never mind those.

I manage a moving company that I fondly refer to as "Idiot Moving & Storage". Mainly because the crew we employ are idiots, but also, because the people we move are idiots as well. It works OK?

Yesterday I came into work after a 4-day hiatus from my job. My desk looked like a dumping ground for various paperwork, soda cans, and a deep sea-fishing schedule (WTF?). Why is it that when I leave, people touch my desk? Why does my crew have to THROW the paperwork in the general direction of the desk, and hope it lands? Why Oh WHY is it so hard to lay it in the basket designated for this purpose? They have plenty of time to wipe out an entire jar of candy in two days, but to actually do what they need to do; it's like WORK or something...sheesh!

When I cleared the crap off my desk, my warehouse person sat down and talked to me about a visitor the owner had brought in, while I was gone. The owner had told him that the visitor was our insurance man. Someone else said it was the brother-in-law of the owner. Now...I ask you...who was this man? There is a little rumor going around that the new owner (of a year) has decided to sell our office. This scares me. New owners always run the risk of bringing in all of their own people and booting my team and me. I know I bitch about my job, but I LOVE it. I love the fact that I can blog, and read mail and plan my shows for Saturday's Broadcast on KMRL. (You like the plug I snuck in there?) I love the money, and the flexibility I have in case one of my spawn are sick and I need to stay home. I love that I have free moving, and storage, and I can wear low cut tops to work, and it's perfectly acceptable. I mentioned the rumor to our sales person; we shall call him "LarLar". He scoffed at the idea, and said it's not true. We shall see...

In other news, I have a radio show...maybe I have mentioned it. is where the cool kids hang out. Come listen to me on Saturdays from 12:00-3:00pm EST. This week is my first show and I will be playing a little bit of everything. I do take requests, so if there is something you would like to hear leave me a comment and I will get it on for you. I will be talking about a few topics...Come join us in the chat room too!

Today's Mojo Radio Live Lineup includes:

Kittyn Kitsch
. She does a talk show (when she has something to talk about) from
3:00-4:00pm EST.

If you are a fan of will LOVE his show! He is on from
9:00-11:00pm EST


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