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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Something New!

'K if you have never listened to Internet should!
It's awesome, nuff said.

Tonight I am sitting here listening to KMRL- Kittyn Mojo Radio Live. They just started their new internet radio station, and of course it rocks! I mean how can it not with Webkittyn and Darkstar (plus others) doing their thing?! If you get a chance... go take a listen!

Rock on WK!

Who knows...maybe I'll tell Webkittyn I wanna be a DJ! *snicker*


At 8:18 PM , Blogger Darkstar said...

Awwwe... thats sweet. Thanks Princess... Glad to have you as part of the new "family" in the new house.

-=DJ Darkstar=-

At 9:56 PM , Blogger WebKittyn said...

That was really nice of you, thank you for doing that. Mucho appreciated!

I'm glad I ran into you, you're one of the good ones.

And being a DJ? Go for it!


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